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The Prince's Beast



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Being a Prince of the dragons is no easy feat. With expectations of producing an heir to carry on the Zheng family name, Liu Wen returns from his battle with the pixies to find out his parents have matched him with Lillith, an angel from Aeyaviel. Together, they would have the necessary strength to wipe out the Dark Court. However, Liu Wen has no intentions of mating with an angel, much less a female. When he receives a letter from a prospective challenger, he rushes to Mutsushina, only to find himself trapped in a game concocted by a pair of kitsune. They lead him to a magical labyrinth where he discovers his mate, Sosuke, and a curse bestowed upon him by the fallen angels of the Dark Court, the Seven Deadly Sins. The only way to break the spell is to hunt down every Vice, re-seal them in the hearts of the Seven Virtues, and kill them.


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