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I won't start reading it yet until there is 200+ chapter. Many other are like me, so don't feel let down that no one is reading or that you aren't getting any attention. I'm writing this so you know :) We are here, we know, we're just waiting lol. KEEP UP THE WORK BRO.


Hai!! Author here I just wanted to thank everyone for reading this book ..I am actually trying to finish this book since I had a lot of ideas about it this book has the elements of many other books like desolate era and other books of that nature


Its really good,........................................................... ..or should I say amazing I never read stories like this ........it's not boring like most other


First of all. The author seems stubbornly resistant to authentic criticism. One of the reviewers pointed out plainly that the author could improve the story if he wrote it like a novel, instead of a poem. That's to say actually use a punctuation. The author's response? The typical 'that's the way I do things - don't like, don't read!' An author whose writing style will never improve from that primary school child? That's unfortunate. Then there's pacing. There's fifty years of time skips in the first eight chapters. Let that sink in for a moment. Not a good sign, but surely characterisation can be a shining beacon of hope? Well no! The characterisation has huge problems. There's logical inconsistencies everywhere. The protagonist, Wang Lin, is millions of years old. When he's reincarnated he decides that he's going to live life like a shounen protagonist. Power of friendship! This of course means that the author orchestrates encounters with several minor characters, with whom the protagonist behaves like a child. Wisdom, and grace of a Celestial Emperor? Doesn't matter at all! You thought that was all didn't you? The background is next. The protagonist (Celestial Emperor whom is killed) reincarnates in Beast Continent as a crane. Novel? Surely yes! The problem? There's a fine line between anthropomorphic characters, and shoddy writing. In this case, the author just laughs off the fact that the crane (which he often confuses with other animals) is described throughout the novel as behaving as a human. Sitting cross-legged? A crane? Later on the author admits that he just wants to quickly allow the protagonist to become human so he won't have to think so deeply into everything. Lazy writing. Other areas which just scream laziness. Cities have rank restrictions, two second later the rank restriction is seemingly ignored as weak cultivators are somehow inside. Corruption maybe? Nope...the author just forgot. An author who lacks consistency in even one single sentence...disappointing to the say the least. Would I recommend this novel? Not for mature readers, maybe for children aged 6 - 12. It's a children's novel in the end.


It's a great new view of cultivation world especially because it is from more of an animal point of view. I hope that keep continue the story.


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Since you recommend it to me, I shall keep it inside my library... So hope this will not go hiatus... Go for thousand chapter novel!!!! And Wang Lin, seriously? So many fanfic author love to used it... Not to say anything bad to, just saying that people tend to love using the cliche name...


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