The Primordial’s Ascension Book

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The Primordial’s Ascension


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The Celestial emperor Wang Lin of the Celestial realm was surrounded by many Celestials at the peak of the Celestial realm...He was killed that day, but heaven gave him another chance and he was reborn as a majestic Crane!! With his heaven-defying talent and comprehension he will Ascend The Heavens!!! ————————————— I will upload at least 1 chapter a day because of school but on the weekends I will upload more... I thank anyone who is reading this book and to also comment so I can keep going.. This book is eastern fantasy type book with cultivation immortals beasts and divine beasts and gods.. Also the main character Wang Lin is not gay.. don’t judge him because of the ice and lotuses I wanted to try something new Some people don’t like the way I write and I get that but I am trying to improve in my writing since this is my first time actually enjoying to read and write


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