The Price To Pay Book

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The Price To Pay


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So what's your decision?? Ready to pay the price?? I yelled "yes! Yes I'm ready to do anything to be with him. Do you understand that?" A loud laughter surrounded the room. "You moron!!give it an another thought. I'm sure you will regret your decision later." I yelled again "No!No! I'll do anything to be with him. So please stop manipulating me. Do whatever you want but please let me go, he needs me." ************* This is a journey of a not so common girl Xia, a sweet and kind soul. Her life was not so simple ; she had to hide her real identity from everyone. Her life was going well until an unfortunate incident. An incident that'll change her life from simple to the perilous world. What happens when she enters the world of dangerous beings from whom her family is saving themselves?