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It was a dark night, silence was disseminating everywhere. Sea was resting peacefully with slow waves kissing the shore. Cloudy sky was hiding the moon behind them.

I was swimming aimlessly in the sea playing with little colorful fishes, trying to catch them. Jelly fishes were swimming here and there while sea horses were sitting quietly at the sea bed. Groups of labio were going back to their beds. Crabs were sleeping on bed rocks.

After few seconds crickets started making noises, breaking sound of dry branches and leaves could be heard. Sound of footsteps starter growing.

And suddenly


I tried to concentrate on the direction of the sound. I started to look from where this sound came. I rushed forward to see what was it while swimming further I saw a group of boys standing at the shore. I hid myself behind a rock and saw them moving towards forest. They all were tall, well built and they were wearing hoodies. They disappeared in the darkness with their inhuman speed.

And then I remembered about the sound and started moving further in the hope of some clue. I swim deeper and deeper but couldn't find anything while turning back my gaze felt on a sea anemone,something was there behind it. I moved further and what I saw was.... someone's hand!!!

I rushed towards it and found a guy lying there unconsciously. He was I guess in his mid 20's,tall,muscular with jet black hair falling on this cheekbone with perfect jawline . He was wearing grey jeans, white V-neck T-shirt and black leather jacket. He was very handsome but in a dangerous manner and damn attractive. He was having a mysterious aura. He was just like some demigod. Damn perfect!

After seeing him I felt adrenaline rush pumping up, I was so shocked at that moment. I couldn't decide what I am supposed to do now. My mind went completely blank. I was staring him blankly.

Waves now started becoming violent, wind blowing heavily. It was a sign of storm. Lightning and thunder storm started. It would start raining anytime.

I was still looking at him, with no idea what to do now. I wonder why those people did this to him??My head was now exploding with thousands of questions. I couldn't decide what to do!!!!


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