4 The search for grandpa Fernando 2

"Am some sorry Mr. I will make it up to you", I said pathetically.

"How? he asked, you just ruined my life...

only if he knew I was the only daughter of Fernando empire he wouldn't talk to me in such a shitty manner, I boost fully thought in my mind.

"You should thank God it was only your back that bleed, I stare crazily at him as his hands were on his head.

" I can't wait to leave here", I thought out loud.

"what did you just say, he sighed angrily, After keeping me in this condition now it's because of you I missed going for the interview I was supposed to go for, I guess you will have to pay my father's hospital bills or for my flat rent.

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"you know what am off to sleep, you can stay here and cry like a baby all alone, I sounded like those bullies at college as I worked out of the door.

I felt guilty for what I did I went back into the room and he was asleep.

"Am sorry Mr. I guess I have ruined some things for you because you seem so bitter like me

He woke up before me and then opened the window curtains, the reflection of the sun flashed directly into my eyes and I woke up.

How are u feeling now, I asked him absentmindedly.

How am I supposed to feel when you have ruined my interview, he said.

how am I supposed to pay for Dad's

last Monty's hospital bill my flat rent is expired already.

"I thought I said, I will make it up to you just let me know how you are feeling; Because I was troubled about how his bleeding back was.

" Am fine he picked up his suit jacket and walked out as he slams the door.

I followed him leaving my car keys behind, I went back to carry them and rushed to drive down the road.

Hey... Mr...

Hey.... hey...

hey, I screamed out loudly.

"Leave me alone, stop following me, he said angrily.

" what about your dad how are you going to pay for the bills;?

"It's none of your business".

"OK fine then what about your flat rent"?

" If it expires we will sleep on the freeways, is that not what you want," he responded sadly.

I kept following him as I drove past him and stop in front of him.

"you left your papers in my car pick them behind the back seat, I exclaimed.

" He opened the car door and picked a file which in it were papers.

"Be my lawyer", I asked.

" hahaha hahaha," he laughed out loud.

"How funny do I look? well, you take everyone as jokers. I don't think am in the mood for jokes he stood close to the car and closed the door.

" My name is Diane Rodrigo Fernando," she said politely.

"I need a personal lawyer.

he seems to be so quiet I noticed.

" Please get into the car let's talk," he opened his mouth and seem to wonder if he was dreaming.

"A file fell from his hands while he had that accident I picked it up, as we got to the hospital I opened the file and those were his credential, he is a lawyer but lack job out of structural change in the country's economy.

I felt like I need his kind of person to do the job I want.

"I removed some cash from the dashboard in front of my car, " please sort your dad's bill, your flat rent and get a suit and resume work".

"Mr Leonard," I called.

"yes ma'am," he answered.

While I gave him my phone, "take, your number".

He dialed the number, as it ranged. I will call you early tomorrow morning to get ready for work, as I dropped him at a new by the junction.

"Immediately I called ana the phone range severally as she didn't pick, " pick up ana, pick up a ", I called the last time.

"Hey ana", as she picked up.

meet me at I am alongside the see park island, 7 pm prompt, please.

"I guess you will be done with work before then" I inquired.

"yes, ma'am" she answered.

"You have to be more careful my lady mistress Mariana is out on a search for you, and I guess she wants you terminated, she said.

" I know but it won't be in my father's house only when she gets me by mistake then I will show her the correction path, see you then.

"I hanged up and laughed out loud, "haha hahaha hahaha" like a giggle, Mariana you ain't dealing with Isabella you, you did and you won then, but now this is Diane let's see who gets defeated this time". I picked up my sunglasses and wore them as I drove.

*** **** ****

He opens the glass of a bakery door, and worked in as a loser he used to be, father sighted him from afar.

"Son comes here", in a sound that seems so calm but though I want to be the drama king I used to be back in school, I just let him do what he wants.

" What is wrong"?.

"You seem so weak have you eaten" he brought out a pack of food he kept for me, "please eat, eat.

I wonder why he was acting like that maybe he missed me because I didn't come back home and he was the only one home.

" What happened my son, you should have called me to tell me you were not going to come back home you kept me worried last night and you made me missed you

"Tell me how did it go, and why are you did quiet??

" As usual", I acted.


" But what??

"But today is a miracle I have gotten a job as a lawyer, I screamed.

" Oh my god, I can't thank you enough" father cried out.

" I have prayed for this, he cried out.

"ever since I have been taking care of you, No help no support but today the almighty has done it", he kneeled thank God.

" who is your client's son"?? he asked.

" you can't imagine who dad" Leonard answered.

"who," he asked curiously.

"The only daughter of Fernando's empire", I replied

"But I thought the only daughter of the Fernando empire is dead 10 years ago", he asked surprisingly.

" Am not sure I guess a case wants to surface" he acted like he was already judging a case.

"But how did you meet her".

" I had an accident, her car hit me as, she took me to the hospital, I carried because I missed the interview I was going for".

"she saw my credentials and decided to help me then she employed me as her lawyer......