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Read THE PRETENDER novel written by the author HYA_SHENG on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Teen stories, covering romance, action, adventure, teen, family. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Terra is just a girl who dream to have a peaceful life.. She's still a child when her mother died, Her father marry another woman after her mother. At first, her stepmother is treating her well, not until someone came. Her father redjected her because of a very small reason. She met a guy who will help her. One thing she don't know, there is a Fate waiting for her.


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Hi, the author here!! I know that this place isn't for me, but I decided that I will place my author's thought here, because this will take a little long. Take time to read this thank you! 1. I just want to clarify that the names, events, in this story are from the author's imagination (my imagination) any resemblance in real life is purely coincidental. 2. I am going to be honest here, I am having a hard time updating daily because I have lots of works to do (shool stuffs) so I will try my best to update MINIMUM of 2 chaps a week. 3. Every volume is consisting of 10 Chaps. Except for volume 1 because the prologue is included. Volume 2 is starting to Chapter 11 up to Chapter 20. Volume 3 is Chapter 21 and so on. (I am not sure on how long this story will be or how volume am I going to create so just stay reading hehe) Have you noticed that I am using "CHAPTER NUMBERS" instead of using "CHAPTER TITLES"? well here's the answer. I am not comfortable in using chapter titles so I'm just going to use the "Volume Titles" For the Volume one, the title will be: "Meeting you" - The volume one is alredy done so I hope you guys already know why does the volume one entitled "Meeting you" I don't want to give spoilers so if you're still not reading my story and go to this section first, you better read it now. For volume 2: ”Be with you" you're going to find out why I entitled it that way when you read my story hehe. My volume 3 is still undecided yet, I'm just going to place an additional Author's thought / note once I'm sure. Thank you for sparing some time reading this and my story, I am not a good writer and I know that so thank you for my readers who appreciate my work. I promise to do well. Hoping for more readers hehe Salamat!!


I love stories that has a **** romance effect. I am enjoying reading this book even thought there are only a few chapters. I will support this book until the end. The author is worth to stan...


A simple yet compelling story ahead! one thing is for sure: in my opinion, not all stepmothers are bad, they are also mother. But this story is way too different towards what I imagined. This got a heavy drama feels! Great story!


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