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The President's Ugly Wife



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What is life? I've asked that question many times. Some say life is beautiful, life is wonderful, life is a gift but for me, life is hell. My husband who I love with all of my heart hates me,he hates the very sight of me. Yes,I was married at 18 to my husband, Liu Qi Gong, via contract. Don't get me wrong I was never forced, I love Liu Qi Gong very much but my beloved hates me, he hates me because I'm ugly and he does everything in his power to make me cry. I wasn't always like this,my face wasn't always this hideous. I was beautiful once, very pretty in fact,that I made heads turn wherever I went but I lost my beauty just to save my love's life. I didn't care that my face would be scarred for life because at that moment, what mattered was saving him. And because of my heroic deed,we became betrothed. I couldn't wait to be married to him because I had always loved him from the start and believed he loved me too. I couldn't wait to finally live that fairytale ending but little did I know that my marriage to him would be a nightmare. I lost everything I treasured just to be with him but what did I get in return for my sacrifices? Hatred,betrayal and complete rejection. But in the end,I am who I am. I am Fan Mei Lin,the ugly wife of the CEO who is scorned at by everyone, everywhere she goes. ******************************************* Follow the heart throbbing story of Fan Mei Lin as she goes through trials and tribulations that will help to shape her into a strong, independent woman who will rise above the ashes and find her place in the world!


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