The Power of Ten: Sama Rantha
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The Power of Ten: Sama Rantha


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What is The Power of Ten: Sama Rantha

The Power of Ten: Sama Rantha is a popular web novel written by the author Aelryinth, covering LEVELLING SYSTEM, LITRPG, MAGIC, RPG-ELEMENTS, REINCARNATION, WORLD-BUILDING, FANTASY ADVENTURE, SWORDS-AND-MAGIC, QUEST FOR POWER, ACTION-ADVENTURE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.7M readers with an average rating of 4.79/5 and 48 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 534 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Note: As of 5/15/2020, this novel has moved to Royal Road (chapter 534). Book Two is nearly done, at 657 chapters. Book Three will follow on its own page at Royal Road! (8/18/20) Some time ago, a great and powerful Archmage tried to save the planet of Terra from impeding disaster by inventing a VR game to train the gamers who survived the apocalypse to defend humanity. That game was the Power of Ten. This is not that story. This is the story of what happens when your patron gods realize you've invented a system to imprint ass-kicking VR characters onto souls, and decide to take advantage of some of those character templates! Book One: Join Sama and her allies as she first has to endure what it means to be a hagchild, and then on her road to Ten! ---------- Book Two: Space, the final frontier. In the grim darkness of the far future of a galaxy far, far away, there came a hagchild... QX! ---------- If you want exclusive, early access to upcoming chapters, you can support me on my new Patreon @ https://www.patreon.com/ThePowerofTen added 10/24/2019! Updates Daily (on Royal Road now). Average Chapter length is about 2,000 Words (4+ Word Pages). I have some expired Discord links in the author comments. My Discord Channel is The Power of Ten, TPoT, and I have Discord up all the time I'm on line, if you have questions or want to chat. The permanent link is: https://discord.gg/gJ6fRs9 If you have confusion with terms or abbreviations, just reply to one of my comments, and I'll put it into the author notes for everyone! If you are reading through, make sure to check the reader comments areas. I answer a lot of questions there. I have added more acronym explanations to the early chapters in response to reader feedback. As of 6/8/2019, there is a glossary addended to Chapter One!

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The beginning gets min/max nerdy wordy. No doubt. But, if you can suffer through that and the author's mostly-but-not-really-comprehensive-pages-of-wiki scattered throughout the chapters plus some good ole intuition to fill in based on context, you'll find yourself in the middle of an epic with multiple main characters, a brewing apocalypse with all the divine onlookers plotting behind the scenes, and ultimately, a tale of someone who should be tremendously disadvantaged spitting on the notion and turning it in her favor. Writing: 4 stars. Would've been 5 but the author's shorthand during "oh, you don't understand this system I've invented by cobbling together n+1 other systems?" data dumps wears quickly. Stability of Updates: 5 stars Story Development: 4 stars. Some arcs are that movie you're sitting in going "shouldn't it have ended already?". Mixed with some well-meaning conflict fatigue, -1 star. Character Design: 3 stars. As epic heroes, the characters are fleshed just fine, and there's even a plot device to explain some of the shallows, but overall, the characters really don't show much depth beyond being very good at murderhoboing. Like I said, the first major arc has its reasons. If the latest arc doesn't address that some, then this will stay at 3 stars. World Background: 4 Stars. The world itself is glossed over, but the system it runs on is mainly explained, even if we don't all grasp the explanations. -2 for how shallow the understanding of the world is, +1 for the fact that the system is a hodgepodge so there SHOULD be far more explanation of it rather than the world. If you hit chapters 250+ you'll understand more as to why this was a difficult category to accurately judge. Regardless of my attempts to be objective, there's always subjectivity because even my views on objectivity are subjective to my own understanding of it. Overall, remember that 3 represents AVERAGE, not fire fuel. Give it a read, convince yourself to hit over 30 chapters and while you might not stomach an all-in-one-go, you'll certainly find something worth coming back to.


Do you like RPGs? Do you like leveling? Do you like all the min-maxing involved? Read this stuff. It is heavily based on DnD and similar systems, first chapters are basically all about character creation and half of the novel seems to be about just leveling (and getting OP). Terms are complete Chinese to non-DnDers. And it made me reinstall NWN with PRC and play Rakshasa true neutral Dread Necro. Even though MC of this novel is neutral good and despises grays...


As someone with no D&D background, I'm thrilled that the author succeeds in drawing in the reader by virtue of a fast-paced, action packed story that literally rips you past any numbers you don't understand as you are drawn to the next battle and evolution. Starting with an over-powered (and over-knowledged) protagonist instead of the usual weak-to-strong lets us revel as the characters rip through the world as they wish, instead of as the current week story arc requires. The characters in this lovingly crafted action epic are overpowered due to knowing the ins-and-out of their world and systems,n rather than chance encounters and storyline deus-ex-machinas gifting strength. I highly recommend you keep reading until Sama Rantha leaves the dream and the story splits (11 chapters in), it caters less to stat numbers and focuses more on world and character; it maintains both storylines at once to keep either path from getting monotonous.


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This is a very enjoyable story. Each chapter weaves a bigger story, and they come out regularly so there is no week long waits. Shows a realistic view of a 'system' or D&D type world, with great characters who you will enjoy watching explore their reality. A lot of numbers and levels, but they are actually tied in to the story and explainable. All in all, a real diamond!


I just finished reading book one, blitzed through 285 chapters, this is great; I can say it was difficult at first because some terms were unfamiliar to me but your glossary and searching (for images of fantasy creatures) helped. Around chapter 48 I got hooked and haven't put it down much since. Looking forward to the rest!


If you can make it past the info dump in the beginning, this story is absolutely 5 stars. You don't have to understand all the mechanics to enjoy it. If you love details and LitRPG mechanics then you will be in heaven. Massive world building, immersive characters, game mechanics that are consistent and make sense. I have not read or noticed Deus ex machina or plot armor inconsistencies. Amazingly enough, the second book 'Far Future' is even more fantastic. Pretty much non stop kick ass and loot everything, high energy fun. Thanks for writing and sharing this brilliant story!


Greatest book on this site if it was a e-book I buy it . It story is well thought out made to make the reader thinking about the action and strategies in the book. Just love this book.


I just can't. I love this kind of novel, I love RPGs, I love table top games, I know way too many systems, and I just can't for the life of me follow what the **** is going on in this novel. I understand the basic premise, it is the supposed system that is just a fever dream of madness. If it is the author's own system, they have lifted waaaay too much from existing systems without explaining any of it. If it isn't, I can't figure out what system it is based on (looked like pathfinder at first but there are way too many differences). I wanted to like this and I ended up just banging my head in frustration.


This story can be counted as the highest form of quality one can find on Webnovel or any other similar website and is quite frankly more than worth to be sold as a book. The characters are diverse and interesting, the story is hauntingly addictive and the world-building is simply to die for. I binged 182 chapters in two days (the chapters are quite sizeable) and I will continue to follow this story closely in the future. That said even though I think this story deserves the highest possible rating, there are some aspects that could be improved to make the novel more accessible to people who are not veterans when it comes to Dungeons & Dragons. I sadly have never played the game and am only familiar with digital game jargon that is also used in LitRPG. The first 13/14 chapters are completely filled with build choices that are almost impossible to comprehend other than the meaning of the stats (Con, Str etc.). It would be perhaps helpful to make a page (I believe it is called a glossary) that explains all abbreviations, class abilities, differences between talents, masteries and feats and specific game terms to new people (like MAB, saves, AC etc.). I believe that this is currently the only missing requirement to really have this story embraced by the masses and take its rightful place amongst the top 3 on this website. Apart from these recommendations I can only thank the author for giving me a chance to experience reading such a gem.


I love this story, it is difficult to understand what the characters are talking about sometimes when they are disguising stats and it was difficult to keep track of the story and how the different characters are connected and it is hard to keep track of the story when flipping from nightmare to real world, nightmare is gust confusing in general. BUT❣️The fact that I kept on reading despite the difficulties showed just how good this story is, FYI this little me has vary little patience. I think it would be amazing if this story was turned into a comic I would get to see the characters and places the author created and the stats the characters are disguising would be easer to under stand. But this story becoming a comic is only my wish full thinking. 🤔 💭 🤯🥺


Hands down the best book i've ever read it's sucked me right in and i've spent 2 days just reading this. I'ts well written even the heavy number usage can help with the story and explains the path to power. Thank you for this masterpiece and please accept this heartfelt review.


I really enjoy this story, it’s well written has interesting characters and a great setting. I’m always looking forward to it’s release time


This Story is delightful to read. It is captivating, fun, clever und all in all a great read. Wirth a multitude of chapters in varying perspectives


This is actually two books in one - one in a standard fantasy world and one in a grimdark future fantasy sci-fi. Lets add the warning now: At the beginning of each book and here and there in the chapters are a lot of numbers, calculations and statistics pretty meaningless to anyone not into d&d. Those who are can probably find some inspiration for minmaxing but also for interesting epic level character quirky abilities ("everything is a nail" cracked me up) The writing is nearly faultless, no complaints there, except for the aforementioned number crunching The story continues at a decent pace and brings enough changes to be entertaining. Don't expect the MC to struggle too much, she's one of the most OP of OP characters and smart enough not to get in over her head, to build connections etc. There are bigger powers in the world, but due to her nature she's sort of invisible to many of them. The worlds are quite detailed - as should be expected of high quality d&d campaigns - but sometimes it's hard to process all the information that is given. The characters are likable, though maybe not always relatable. There are barely any trope abuses, such as the stupid bandits, hur hur hur. Well done is how a lot of the early story goes on in the second half of the first book. Currently updates at one chapter a day


Love the world building and the characters too. I just wanted to give stars, so this is me padding the minimum character limit. Or- --i mean Gobbos iz da bestest


A fun read, especially the latter half of book 1 onwards. Sama is a smart, hardworking protagonist who got to her overpowered status the hard way, as we get to witness.


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If you are looking for a action packed story this is the one with heavy number crunching at start. It's a bit rough in the benginning, but if can read a fell of starting chapters you will be in for a great story.


I love this story, I found it on Royal Road and had to catch up. I literally couldn't put it down. One of the best books I have ever read. I've been recommending it to every one I know who really enjoys reading.


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