1 Fall of Man, The World Restored

Magic, the power to control the forces of nature, bend time and space, and defy the rules of life and death. For years humanity has wondered and coveted this power as it has been held up as the power of God.

In the year 2050, after the fall of the environment due to the failure of the world's governments to regulate the greed and carbon emissions, nature fought back. The oceans birthed a great storm throwing waves against the shores that dwarfed homes and offices.

The waves reached dozens of miles inland and even those that tried to evacuate stood little chance to avoid the incoming watery death. Those who did only improved the chance by a small amount as the storm reached inland over it's 2000 mile radius. Tornadoes and rain falling at several feet per day ravaged the land and everything living on it.

The Americas, both north and south, saw a drop in population so severe that hope nearly vanished from the minds of the survivers. In the span of a week, 80% of all life there was snuffed out. The Storm was too large to be stopped by land masses and crossed the Pacific to meet out it's wrath on Asia, Europe and Africa. And the Earth was made dark again.

The light of human ingenuity blanketing the nights was gone. And for a small time hope was forgotten, but the old ways that the world forgot had not forgotten the world.

The fairies, mourning the lives lost emerged from the shadows to make use of the roaming energy left by the dead. Titania traveled to Stonehenge to preform the ritual she built it for, the Seal of Magic.

She deemed the time had come to restore the true natural order. In that moment time seemed to stop and a low hum was heard going around the world.

Chaos would have been the normal response before the human dominated world ended, but now that the people had stared death in the face it barely registered as anything but mild intrigued.

The remnants of humanity soon felt different almost whole and colors were more vibrant and the wind could be seen flowing like water suspended.

Æther was the new phenomenon now surrounding the world. Through death and destruction not seen for millions of years, the world was whole and more connected to all things like it never had been before.

Then Titania in all her power and majesty spoke to the world through the newly released æther.

"I have restored the world. The Fae folk are my kin and I am their queen. We shall grace this world once more and bring the knowledge sealed for 100 mellennia only graced by a few touched by mine kin. Titania is the name you relate to my existence. Know that I have brought you both despair and hope for the great storm which traveled the world was my judgement for desecrating my creation and my gift to you who remain is that which you dreamed and imagined. Magic, as you call it, is the redemption of your tragedy. May you protect this world with this knowledge and remember the sacrifices made in recompense in your failings."

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