1 Kingdom

"Sorry King, I want to report that at the border there seems to be an intruder from his scent unlike the usual wolves, he looks very weak. What should we do King??!" Said the Beta wolf who was the representative of the alpha wolf.

"Take him to the dungeon, I will interrogate the intruder myself...!!!" Said James with King alpha toon.

"Okay My King, Servant please resign." Said the Beta wolf who then withdrew while bowing respectfully and to do his job.

Elsewhere Savira is struggling to live because of the cold and hurt, Savira is separated from her friends who are mountain and cliff climbers in various extreme places, her backpack has somehow disappeared everywhere, and her friends seem to not notice. that he had disappeared from the group.

Savira was forced to walk with a limp to seek help from the people around but it seems like this forest is going to snow and no one is showing up here.

"War?, in this cold nexus there are war soldiers?" Savira said quietly and it seems that the war is not an ordinary human because how can there be several big wolves that tear each other and then they turn into humans again.

"How is this my God... maybe I will be one of the victims of this war." said Sovira who had been scared to hide behind a big tree.

Suddenly there were around a very large wolf approaching and Seemingly wanting to tear his body apart, Savira tried to run fast so as not to be hit by the attack from the gray wolf that looks very scary and vicious.

"Help! help!!!!" Say Savira asks for help but nothing seems to be able to help her from the big wolf.

Savira only has two very difficult choices, namely to jump into the vocational field in front of her or die being eaten by the wolf that looks very beautiful, and Savira is forced to choose to jump into the gorge and then lose consciousness.

In the dungeon

"Put that woman there and chain her, don't let her run away the king will immediately interrogate her later!!!!!" said the Beta wolf firmly.

"Good Beta." replied one of the prison prison soldiers with network . Because if King had intervened to eat, it was certain that they would die on the spot with only the eyes of the King wolf who was very famous for his cruelty.

"This smell? Are these omegas behind planting cinnamon trees and roses at the same time??! a strange but very pleasant smell." James said to himself.

"You stupid King, this is the intoxicating scent of my True Food.... quickly find him!!!" Jay said to his human.

"I'm too smart to be stupid, stupid!!!" said James angrily at Jay or so to speak his wolf soul.

"My friend has arrived, I can't wait to find out who he is!!" Jay said who then took over James' body.

"My queen..!!!" Jay said angrily because he had found his soulmate in the dungeon.

"You're hurt!!!! What are you guys doing to my soulmate???!!" said Jay who had choked the neck of one of the guards because he was angry to see the condition of his soulmate who was very concerned.

"Sorry King, we didn't know that Beta had brought him here...." another soldier said scared.

""Damn.... Beta!!!!, Ardian...!!!!" Jay said angrily.

"Sorry, my king is here," Beta Ardian said in front of the wolf king, Ardian who had just arrived using his wolf powers.

"Do you want to die???!!!!!". Jae said annoyed.


"My queen...., you are awake?" Jay said flatly because it had never been thought of before.

"Pain .... please help me....," said a frightened Savira.

"I don't have to be afraid mate I won't hurt you." Say Jay firmly but sound very concerned and hopeful.

"Damn..... Omegan open the chain!!!!!, how dare you chain my Queen!" With anger slightly out of control from fear of death, this would run away from him later if Jay lost control.

Omegan or the guard soldiers immediately released the chains attached to Savira's body, cautiously afraid that their lives would be lost if they made a small mistake. Jay immediately took Savira to the medical center.

"Healer !!!!!!. Hurry up and check on my Queen!!!!" Jay said firmly using the King Alpha toon.

"Very well, Your Majesty the King." said the healer obediently.

"What are you doing!!!!!?". Jay said angrily seeing the hand of the healer who wanted to hold the Queen's leg.

"Forgive your majesty King Jay, I just wanted to check on Queen's condition.

"Another healer!!!!!!" said Jay with a toon.

"Sorry, Your Majesty King, but the healer Asyi is sick!" said the male healer frightened.

"Find another healer quickly or your life will be lost right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jay said firmly and coldly.

"Very well.... Your Majesty... the King". said healer pia nervously because of fear.

"What are you waiting for Dani!!!!!!!"Jay said annoyed.

The healer Dani left in a hurry and not long after the healer Asyi came.

"My King, allow me to check on the Queen's condition?" Asyi said a little scared.

"Hurry up and make sure he's okay or your life will be traded for death!!!!!" Jay said sharply after channeling a bit of his inner strength to his queen.

"Geez, King, looks like the Queen was poisoned from quite a serious distance and took quite a while to recover." said the healer Asyi to the king, looking down in fear.

"Treat him the best you can if in 3 days he doesn't realize you will only be given a name!!!!". Jaya said firmly.

"oo.... ok my king, I'm allowed to mix potions for the queen's healing." Said Asyi who then gave up on mixing the ingredients.

"Sorry, my king. Like the Queen, a mortal, she would only recover quickly if His Majesty the King immediately flagged her down." Asyi said to the king while looking down in fear and then left after seeing Yang's face as if he deemed it appropriate and told him to leave with a glare.

"Do I have to mark it now James??!" Jay asked his human.

"If you want him to be afraid and hate us, do it!!!!" said James in a sullen tone.

"Are you crazy of course I won't allow that!!!!!" said Jay.

"Good I no longer need to explain at length!!!" said James indifferently and lazy.

"Don't you feel attracted to our very beautiful mate?? Don't tell me that you are a human who only likes males?" Jay asked doubting James.

"You who have gone crazy I am still normal if we are not one body, I make sure now my feelings and your feelings are the same now. But I don't think I can confirm my feelings for her right now but she is quite fragrant and beautiful!!" said James, who said plainly.

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