The Politician’s Son
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The Politician’s Son


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What is The Politician’s Son

The Politician’s Son is a popular web novel written by the author the_tea_pan, covering ROMANCE, COMEDY, MODERN, MYSTERY, DEMON, DARK, FANTASYROMACE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 12.3K readers with an average rating of 4.85/5 and 31 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 14 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] “Where is she?” Julian’s voice filled with worry as his eyes frantically searched the foyer. A fear he had never known started to seep into his bones as he looked at the damage. Debris and bodies now covered the once white floors of the grand entrance room. Briggs had just entered the foyer when Julian slammed him against the wall. Briggs flinched as Julian’s voice shook the room, “WHERE IS SHE?!” “She’s gone, Julian! They took her!” “What?” “Paige...she’s...she’s gone.” Julian slowly released his grip on Briggs’ shirt. His heart became heavy as he repeated the words, “she’s gone.” “Julian...you need to listen to me, okay? There’s something else you need to see right now.” ================ “Not all creatures from the dark are evil, just like not all creatures from the light are holy.” ================== This is my first novel so please feel free to let me know any mistakes. I can not improve if no one tells me. Enjoy readers. Cover is mine.


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It's not my fault I like the story. Good dynamism by the way. Nice way of getting the readers involved. Good job n keep it up. I dont see a reason why its not in a bookshelf👍


I like the descriptions. It's like I am right there with them although invisible. The world set in is good. And I would like a Briggs in my family. He's interesting.


I only have one word for this novel, one word only. Are you curious about my one word too? Why so curious? Stop reading to find out my one word man. Omg, please stop being so curious. Curiosity will kill the cat, don't you know this. Fine, seeing how you're so desperate to know my one word. It's collection. What's collection? Obviously, it's adding this novel to your library fool.


I am a sucker for angel and demons so I couldnt wait to read this book. although, there have only been a few initial chapters posted, I like the direction in which this is going. Hope you add more chapters to this engrossing read. Keep it up!!


Nothing is perfect to be honest, but I shall give an almost perfect score of 4.6. Still, I don't know why, but this story is like that book that you can't release although you want to. Still, I want more of this book since four chapters aren't enough. Writing quality is good, I give it four stars since there are some words that don't flow really well. Stability of updates are good. Character design is too early and world background as well. Still, it was a good read. Looking for more. Added this to the library.


A W E S T U C K, this is very descriptive, the prologue is well formatted but the scenes are very visual! thus the warning which is great, the cover doesn't do justice to the book or the authors skills though! CHANGE IT THATS THE ONLY PROBLEM I HAVEEEE! apart from that, looking forward to newer chappiesss! ill stay tuned.


Did not expect to like the story as much as I do based on the synopsis but the story quickly proved me wrong. 10/10 very well written novel so far. This is my first novel from this author but I cannot wait to see more.


I love the unique concept and creativity of this book! I cannot wait to see what's in store for Julian as far as The Legion and Paige :) I'm absolutely hooked! Great job leaving us wanting more at the end of each chapter!


Aye im gonna start reading it..........Ancient Sage....... ............. ......................... ............................ a A


Yay, tea, I reviewed for no other reason but to review. It's good, have ore faith in yourself and you'll be fine. Also, you know I speak the absolute truth so you don't have to worry that this is me cheering you up, if I wanted to do that we'd be listening to anthems rn or watching RA. Bye, I hope you have a great time writing.


Just putting this out (so don't kill me please) I hate romance stories. Fantasy are meh. (don't kill me) But I like it... people always make me doubt my decisions and right now I'm doubting that I hate romance stories. I can't wait for the next chapter


Well done. The first chapter was captivating. The change from the supernatural(first chapter) to every day life(second chapter) was a nice touch


this is the author's first book??? No way!!! it's so good! 🤩🤩 ngl the first chapter gave me a bit of Julius Caesar vibes (idk why) the more you read, the more you can't stop but who'll wanna stop when you are reading and enjoying something so good? great work author!!


Curiosity is what bring chaos and it also destroy the normal pace but it worth it in the end depending on the outcome. Gear up the readers for a wonder story.


It's well written, gripping and moves just fast enough. Even if it's slow burn, the first chapter is sufficiently intriguing to make you continue. Give it a try.. you won't regret it.


An epic conflict between Angels and Jinn, this story opens with a BANG! and never lets up. I've only read the first handful of chapters but I'm already hooked and ready to know more. Good job!


The struggle of demons and angels has been fascinating me. I am also a love of fantasy. The plot description and characters' background are really great. I considered myself imagining the character. More power to you writer. Keep updating more.


Good work so far. It is a very interesting read with a plot-driven story. Really good world-building and dynamic characters reel you in. The descriptions are well taught out and I can picture them in my head.


Really enjoyable opening with some great world building and interesting characters. The main trio are fun to spend time with, with some great interactions and banter. The villain is introduced well in the first chapter with a real ruthless streak and a clear goal in mind. i look forward to seeing this characters come together in future installments. A few small typos are littered throughout, but not enough to lessen the quality of the prose or the overall enjoyment of this piece. Great stuff so far. I will keep my eye on this one as it develops.


I liked it !!! The story turned out to be really different compared to what I had in mind when I read the title and the synopsis!!! keep up the good work.


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