126 The strongest human vs The strongest Goblin

[Chapter 119: The strongest human vs The strongest Goblin]


It all happened in the blink of an eye. Aspen, who had been buried under all the debris after getting slapped by the Goblin King, drank a healing potion rose from under the debris and started preparing his magic.

Before, he had dodged the last hit of the Goblin King enough not to die in one hit, just so that he could make sure that there was no misunderstanding going on between both of them... After all, the last thing he needed was entering into a war against a Kingdom when there was not even the need for it.

There was an enmity between the two races already, and he had quite a few problems with them on his own. However, be it because of his mental stability stat, or because of his laziness... He was willing to let his problems with the Goblins go if the peace between the two races was achievable somehow.

As far as he understood, the Goblin King was a ruler of a kingdom that was on the verge of falling into despair due to the Corruption and Crimson that were slowly approaching the Kingdom's borders, due to that, he decided to take for himself the land on the other side of the continent, where the humans inhabit these days.

However, now that he had seen that the Goblin King had no plans on achieving peace with the human race, it was enough for his inner fury to take over him and decide to kill him right there and then.

Normally, he couldn't take the risk of fighting such a dangerous opponent in a city filled with monsters able to tear apart humans easily. However, due to his recent power-up, thanks to the goddess, dealing with an opponent like this was getting more and more far from being a problem for him.

Especially, for a certain weakness that most of the living beings like them have...


"You...?!" Startled by the sudden change in the situation, the Goblin King tried backing away from Aspen but found out that it was useless, as Aspen's speed had increased enormously from before.

In the blink of an eye, Aspen had already moved towards the blind spot of the Goblin King, and lunged at him like a ferocious beast.

However, instead of cutting him with his sword or attacking in any other way, Aspen placed both of his hands on one of the many wounds he had made before on the body of the Goblin King, and launched an enormous amount of ice magic that permeated through all the body of the Goblin King.


The muscles were all frozen, and the blood going through the Goblin King's veins slowed down enormously at that moment. Aspen, who had achieved his objective, jumped away from the Goblin and smiled before taking out his newly acquired Pirate Gun and pointing it towards his opponent.

"When the muscles of a living being are frozen completely, moving or anything else is almost impossible. Even better, is when the temperature of your body goes down more than what it should and several problems start arising from within your body. Be it fever, muscles disability, and so on... Even for a creature like you, who is above your peers by several times, escaping from the problems of a bone and meat body is impossible... Rather easy to understand, right?"


Without hesitating, Aspen started barraging the Goblin with Bullets, not allowing even one to miss the body of the frozen giant, who lied there looking with hate and pain at Aspen while his body continued being torn and destroyed by the hundreds of flying bullets that hit him.

Soon, however, the Goblin King started trying to move his mouth and pronounce a few words very slowly and silently.

[H...ex... shi...eld]

Rapidly, from within his body enormous amounts of mana surged and took the form of an enormous sphere of Shadow flames around him that started melting away every bullet that reached it, not allowing even one of them to pass through anymore.

"Magic doesn't freeze though" Aspen clicked his tongue, and stored his gun inside his inventory before he started reading the status of the Goblin King.


°Goblin King°

Name: Rukh Zeurl

Title: Emperor of the Goblin race

Race: Goblin


[Enhanced Body: This being surpassed the limits of his race, and developed strength and resistance beyond what any goblin could imagine. A true talent beyond any other]

[Frozen muscles: The entire body of this being has been covered in ice, turning off many functions, and slowing down severely the reaction time of the brain]

[Hp: 7,560/10,000] [Max]

[Mana: 254/300)

-Strength: 400 [Max]

-Stamina: 180 [Max]

-Resistance: 300 [Max]

-Defense: 24

-Comprehension: 20

-Mental stability: 20 [Max]

-Mental power: 15 [Max]


The guy in front of him was the peak of all Goblins... It was rather impressive if he had to say it, even more, when he realized that this was the chance to know the peak of this race that had caused so many problems for him.

His physical attributes were off the charts, with his strength being even 10 times higher than his... Something that unnerved him to no end. Fortunately, Goblins didn't seem to have that high mental stats, as even the Goblin King being at the peak of his race barely had twice the points a normal human had in their mental attributes.

Not that the fact that the Goblin King being above average helped him...

"You... want to play with... magic, huh?"

Suddenly, the raspy voice of the Goblin King came from within the sphere of shadow flames, with very noticeable anger going through his words, and a mysterious glow started filling the sphere.

Aspen prepared himself to fire more bullets, however, just as he was about to do it, the sphere of shadow flames exploded and the flames flew in every direction, hitting Aspen very briefly on the face.

[You have received 184 Damage]


Aspen's left eye was rapidly caught in the fire and started burning, causing Aspen immense pain. However, the vicious shadow fire did not stop merely at Aspen's left eye and continued burning severely almost half of his face before it extinguished. Soon, half of Aspen's face revealed a very grotesque appearance, with half of his face showing his skull with bits of churned skin and the other half covered in blood.

Aspen grunted in pain before he then rapidly drank a potion and had his face recover its original appearance.

"And here I thought I was crazy... I guess a shitty bastard like you is still far crazier than me..." Aspen muttered under his breath before he then turned to look back to where the Goblin King had been.

From within the smoke of the burning ground, the appearance of the Goblin King soon rose, his body full of bloodied holes from the bullets Aspen had shot before, and his face revealing a very deep frown while looking at him.

"The fire wasn't supposed to extinguish that fast... How did you do it...?" Menacingly, the Goblin King crated a shadow fireball on his hand and threatened Aspen to throw it towards him.

"Because I'm fucking hot, why would your fire burn me?" Aspen rapidly pointed his gun towards him once again, and also threatened to attack with a grin on his face.

"Disgusting human!"


Suddenly, right as the Goblin King was about to attack Aspen, the entire room started trembling enormously and startled the both of them.

However, Aspen did not waste this opportunity and used this moment to create an enormous explosion of mist with water magic, blocking the Goblin King's vision, and allowing him to start his main plan right away.

"Damn human... Do you think you can kill me with these mere tricks? You underestimate me!!!"


Furiously, the Goblin King created an enormous shadow flame hurricane, that enveloped the whole room and dispersed the mist that Aspen had created.

However, as he glanced once again across all the room, he noticed that his previous opponent had actually disappeared and was nowhere to be seen. Right as he was about to start looking for him, he noticed a round object roll to his feet and bump onto them.

"What is...?"





On another room


"Nothing better than to leave assholes talking to themselves"

As Aspen opened the door, he entered into a very spacious and luxurious room filled with gold, rubies, and many other jewels. Thanks to the enormous bed in the center of the room, he could deduce that this was the Goblin King's room and that the Tinkering workshop should be here as well.

"I expected him to have a few girls in his room waiting for him or something... That's how it usually is... right?" Aspen rummaged through the mountains of gold, trying to find anything similar to what he was looking for. However, it wasn't until he moved away from the bed that he finally found the Tinkering Workshop standing in a corner of the room under a blanket.

"Next time I see him I will have jetpacks on my boots at least..." With his pickaxe, Aspen smashed the table and stored it into his inventory.

After that, Aspen prepared himself to jump out of the window, but at the last second, he stopped. He turned around and saw the many gold bars and treasures there that screamed to him to rescue them.

"What a benevolent guy I am... Don't worry guys, I will take you with me... After all, a little gold doesn't kill anyone... Unless you eat it... Though I'm not doing that"

With a few swipes of his hand, soon any possible riches that there might have been on the room disappeared and entered into his inventory.

Finally, Aspen opened his status and checked for one last time any possible detail that might have passed unnoticed by him.



Name: Aspen (Aeron)


Age: 20 (39)


[Hp: 368/400] [Mana: 312/360]

[Enhanced Iron Skin potion: Your armor increases by 12] (7 hours left...)

[Enhanced Agility Potion: Increases your movement speed by 40%] (7 hours left...)

[Enhanced Regeneration: Increases the regeneration speed of your Hp by a lot] (7 hours left...)


Strength: 40 [Max]

Stamina: 40 [Max]

Resistance: 40 [Max]

Defense: 32 [Full Platinum Armor set equipped]

Comprehension: 47

Mental stability: 68

Mental power: 36



"Pretty good for fighting a damn monster of 10,000 hp... Let's hope the next time he becomes a piece of cake..."

Without more words, Aspen jumped out of the castle, and disappeared completely, leaving the enraged sounds of the Goblin King looking for him behind.



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