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What is The Player's System

The Player's System is a popular web novel written by the author _Sha, covering WEAKTOSTRONG, SYSTEM, VIRTUALREALITY, SUPERPOWERS, MALELEAD, LITRPG, Video Games genres. It's viewed by 29.6K readers with an average rating of 4.95/5 and 22 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 37 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Gaming is the only common interest. People are steering through the worlds of advance gaming, the competition is never-ending. Only a few games managed to make their mark among billions of users. There was no doubt that those games worth spending time on. The desire to be the ultimate number one raged a cold war and fired the temperature through the roof. Consequently, leading to browbeating and leg pulling. The game 'Sovereign Ruler' was definitely a crowd favourite. The game aided the increment in the gross rate of the company. Patina Lin and Jake Lin, both siblings, played this game.  Patina, the most celebrated player of the game, earned money in various live quests. Jake, unfortunately, couldn't play like an average player let alone a pro one. Because his right hand was defected by birth.  He was sure that he would never be able to become a pro like his older sibling. But then, sadly, Patina Lin committed suicide.  Jake Lin was left all alone in the world to fight away the conspiracies and bullying.  After submitting the missing report he got himself in massive car accident. He was thrown away by the almost fatal accident but surprisingly he made it alive.  A voice welcomed him "Hello Defected Human" upon waking. He looked for the origin of the voice but it didn't belong to the outer world rather it came from his own head. [The cover is temporary and belong to rightful owner. This story is set in alternate world]


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Reading the first 5 chapters, I want to point out something. Jake Lin, a defected human who can't use his right hand but is a genius at mathematic. It seem like everything was normal as he got home to see his older sister, playing that popular game and possibly became a professional gamer. Then it all went spiral and out of control when she decided to use some code which caused a huge disaster and Jake Lin became unconscious, only to wake up with a "system". So far, this storyline is intriguing and kept me interested but one flaw thing about this novel is the formatting. It got a little bit difficult to understand when the conversation is jumbled up in one paragraph. I suggest the author to separate the paragraph into 1-2 sentences for us reader to read it clearly and not get confused. I wished to say more but so far with only 5 chapters out, I can only wait for more to see the development and how Jake Lin will utilize his system to benefit him such as, getting rid of the handicapped status.


Author's note: There are few things that should be cleared before you pick up the story and give it a go. 1. The intention of writing this gaming novel is not to educate noobs. There are so many gaming novels talking about every skills dragging hundred of chapters in increasing the levels of the skills and blah blah. So to say you won't find cliche things. If you cannot digest something new then do not try this story. 2. My writing style differ. I am an original author and I have my creative space so my writing has its difference which might be new or unacceptable for many of you. So if you decide to read it then it means you can tolerate different writing style. If you still complain then your complains would be considered groundless. 3. I am not native English speaker and English is my fourth run on language. You can expect grammer 'degenration' at many points in the novel. If you feel sour reading poor grammer based story then my suggestion is to save your taste buds. 4. I have no plans of including romance or harem in this story. 5. This story is created in alternate universe so keep your common sense limited to yourself. 6. I will be hiring artist to draw main characters so that you can have general idea about our MC's team. 7. If necessary I will create character lists and the list of professions other than the weapons. Anyone interested to take look at those lists can join my discord server. 8. Enjoy the story development with the author. Have questions other than the above mentioned then leave a comment here.


this seems interesting and the interesting point for me is that mc can complete tasks and gain XP to new abilities and I will continue reading it when more chapters come out, good luck author 👍


READ IT GUYS! Read it to know the worth of the story, a very interesting and exciting System trope novel. The gaming Characters and Story plot is just great. It takes a lot of chapters for me to be hooked with the story, but this book completely made me hooked by just the first chapter.


This would officially be the first time I would review a book under the genre Video games and I'm glad I am now. Jake's character for one thing isn't the usual brooding bad boy or dumb at first and well interestingly has a disablity (for now I think). The first chapter was a little fast paced and few grammar errors but not one we can't overlook. I have confidence with the next chapters, it's bound to be a masterpiece. The next chapters took a drastic turn as Patina his sister mysteriously committed suicide 😥, the reason still unknown. The system was introduced smoothly and might I add, the option given to him to either accept it or die(because he was already in a life threatening situation got me cracking up 👀🤫 who says no to an offer like that? 😂 Alread added this to my reading list. All being said, keep up the good work.


The book has an interesting start. It is well described and well structured world background.. Looking forward to be it in top 50. Well done author


It seems likea good story, but badly translated. Despite many missing connecting words, and improper word form choices, I was interested enough to keep reading until I ran out of chapters. I suspect that practice will improve the writing quickly, because the story telling is decent in spite of the slightly broken English. Some suspension of disbelief is required for me, since the setting feels rather game-within-a-game, but as long as I set aside the expectation that the main character lives in the same reality that I do, it seems fairly consistent so far.


I really liked the gaming system and the characters who surprisely got me interested and involved even if it is not my favorite genre! The author’s grammar and descriptions are very cured so I totally suggest It to everyone and not just readers interested in gaming!


Author, you did good by this story plot. It is certainly going to remain in my library. Hey, you! Yes, you reading this. Read this book and you will not regret it. [img=recommend][img=exp][img=coins][img=fp][img=update]


I am a fan of anime. So I tried out this novel, and while reading it, I felt like I was watching an anime. The story is intriguing, like, what happens next? And I am looking forward to reading more chapters. Keep up the good work, author.


This is a masterpiece! Good job Author! The synopsis got me curious since I'm not that familiar in this genre, and reading this was a great choice. The plot was unique and I love your awesome writing skill. Author did a great job in writing this book, the narration and the choices of words are on point and fits perfectly. The author got an imaginative and creative mind and an excellent skill in putting into words the world of this book and making the readers see it with their imagination. Great job Author! Looking forward for the rest of the chapters.


Solid beginning. I will read more soon, but this is developed enough that even I got caught up in it - not usually that much into system stories but the author knows what they are doing. The system itself is smoothly written, and while I am not normally a game type of reader, so to speak, this is just so fun to read and y'all should also read the synopsis entirely. It gets even better once you really get into the story.


The author has done a a great justice to his book...though I'm not a fan of gaming books but the synopsis of the book and other chapter has blown me away....Must read book who loves gaming book! Great work 👌


good story, intersting characters, i got hooked from the start. looking forward for further updates. i will request for another mass relase author


5/5 (* ^ ω ^) The storyline is interesting ٩(◕‿◕。)۶ I can properly sense the character development (☆ω☆) The world building is great ♡( ◡‿◡ ) The author has a unique writing style ╰(▔∀▔)╯ Great, please continue, author (´。• ω •。`) ♡


I Am In Love With Jake Lin. I love how the author is able to describe it so well that I felt like I was watching it on a screen and not just reading. This is actually my first game novel that I'm reading and I'm loving it.


Very intresting from the start. I quite like it especially since there is gaming invoolved. Can't wait to read more! Good job dear author. I am sure it will get better as I keep reading. >///<


Reveal spoiler


This is a must-read story guys. Sincerely I haven't read a gaming story before so this bi's my first attempt at it, and I must saw I was enthralled by it. I love the unique character of the MC, Jake. The author painted really good characters and with each chapter you get pulled into the story. Few grammatical errors are strewn in here and there, but they are negligible. Thanks author for this beautiful story, I look forward to reading more.


It's a bid sad to be honest . Jake feels like one of the characters I could bond with . 'First handicapped engineer' These are really powerful words. People in the society should really encourage handicapped people. Anyway back to the novel, A handicapped being a genius at mathematics such as jake is quite inspiring. Then the way the system was introduced is quite intriguing . The way the havoc was created and he woke up into a system. The descriptions are really great. So far this book is really good and it also shows author's hard work so keep it up author. You've got this.


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