2 Chapter 2

Y/N| I went to my friend Author and they were over there with Maria,candy and penny of course they were talking about the NeW HoT StUDEnTS 🤮 I truly don't understand author

Author/I know right don't blame penny and Maria there blinded by " Beauty "

Candy/ hey Y/N

Y/N| yass all of a sudden I start because I felt something staring at me I see Maria and penny staring at me with there jaws drop I step back and bump into something hard behind me then I turn to see Tae looking at me and licking his lips like I was a whole snack. I quickly back away from him

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Tae/ hay baby how are you doing

Y/N| I walked away he looked dumbfounded

Before gym RM's POV

RM/ when the bell rung Y/N hurried and got up and ran out then Jungkook looked priceless

Hobi/ HAHA looks like your streak of women winning is overrrrr haha

Jungkook/ jokes on you I fucked Anna last night


Hobi/ sooo " everybody went silent for a couple minutes " alright let go to gym.

Rm/ yea so we went in as girls trailed behind Us we sat on the bleachers and girl surrounded us again 😒then yoongi jimin Jungkook and tae were staring at Y/N then tae got up and went behind her all eyes were on her she walked backwards right in to Tae the smirk on his face said hell yes when her butt touch his crouch and chest then she slowly turned around to meet eyes with him he said

Tae/ hay baby how you doing

Rm/ she then turned right around then walked away he looked deprived of life he walked back and sat down on the bleachers.

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