109 The Clean Slate

(Jason's POV)

Amaria stepped back and sat down, holding her stomach. Like this, without an expression of anger on her face, I could see how tired she looked. Actually she looked like she was about to drop. 

"Have you been sleeping?" I knew how she liked to pull all-nighters whenever she felt like not enough work had been done. Anything someone else forgot, she would do it for them. 

"Yes," she nodded. 

"What about eating? Did you eat today?" Food was another struggle with her. Amaria liked food, but she wouldn't touch it if she felt it was a waste of time to eat. Pregnancy should have changed that, but old habits die hard. I had to force her to take breaks and eat when we were in college exam season. She could go for extended amounts of time without eating unless someone made her. 

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