108 The Begging

(Jason's POV)

It was clear that Greene Marks had been in the works for years before my graduation. I wanted to receive my degree and go straight to work without having to go through the tedious start-up process, but I also wanted it to be a secondary plan in case I needed to bargain for my life and safety. 

My dream had always been to propose to Amaria during graduation, but the one thing I hadn't counted on was being roped up by Delilah and her schemes. 

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Delilah Ramsay was introduced into my life by accident, but when I met her, I was hooked. She was just my type and I couldn't resist her no matter how hard I tried. The thought of cheating on my girlfriend emotionally had never once crossed my mind, but it happened anyway because I allowed myself to be entranced by the blonde beauty and eventually I spilled everything about my life to her, including my secrets. 

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