107 The Backstory

(Jason's POV)

Being lead to the private room where visitors came to see me was starting to feel like an hourly occurrence. There was always someone with something to say to me, and most of the time it was just my lawyer. Even though it was unlikely, my hopes always rose at the thought that it might be my wife. But like I said, it was unlikely. Amaria was probably busier now running my company, her charity and planning for the babies. Despite the fact that she didn't come to see me much, my lawyer always let me know that she was constantly in touch with him and trying to get me out of here.

I didn't understand her actions. Technically I was in here because of her actions. She called for a more thorough investigation, and she allowed me to be investigated. If she hadn't done that, I would still be a free man, right? Wrong. 

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