1 A brand new day...

It was a bright Monday's morning and the skies were bight as a the summer's day although being in a winter month. Obaa Afia was awoken by the songs of birds singing loud and the brightness of the earlier morning sun making her fair pale skin look more pale and dazzling than usual. She laid on her bed awake feeling a bit lazy. She spoke softly to her self "this is the day".

It was indeed the day because after the tedious registration and the ups and downs throughout the past weeks she finally got access to the best polytechnic university in Ghana, which is the Kumasi polytechnic. Everything had gone well and she had to report to school for her first class. Lazily she picked herself up and walked to the bath room. After all activities completed she couldn't help but steer at the picture in the mirror.

Truly indeed she was a beauty. From her well crated nose to her sparkling blue eyes and her perfect figure she definitely was the prefect reincarnation of the goddess of beauty. She knew in her heart that she was exceptionally beautiful. After what felt like days spent just admiring herself a voice came from the living room calling Afia Afia Afia... she hurriedly walked to the hall to meet the soul piecing eye of her her sister Obaaku. She told her to hurry up or will be late.

They both walked into the car and drove to the campus of Kumasi polytechnic. Since Obaaku was a formal student she knew the city like campus like the back of her hand. They went to the administration and registered her course and then with the help of Obaak, Obaafia got her own exclusive campus tour.

The campus was really big and it had the right flowers planted at the right places. From sun flower to rose flower to all sought of pretty flowers were planted all around which made the school looked glorious. She said to herself truly indeed this School deserves its title the best polytechnic in Ghana.

The tour went on for a while till they decided to go and see Obaa Afia's hostel. It was beautiful and painted brown She quickly went in to search for her room and after what seemed liked the whole day she finally found it.Out of excitement she quickly opened the door only to find...

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