1 The arrival

The king of Hebelone was holding a conference. Several dignitaries had arrived from far and wide. But the position next to the king was of course given to the Prince of Keirland. Prince Edgar of Keirland had arrived only a couple of months back. He was the proposed match to the King's eldest daughter Nataliya. Being third to the throne in his own country, he was expected to marry the eldest Princess and become the crown Prince of Hebelone, for the king had no sons of his own.

The people of Hebelone considered it a wonderful match. The Prince was able, intelligent, dignified, and handsome to boot. The king of Hebelone received him with open arms and handed over to him several affairs of the state, which he now managed with great skill. Today he sat next to the King with an air of calmness. The king of Hebelone, his highness Hendry Korbe was holding this conference which happened annually to maintain his relationship with the nearby States and trade partners of the country. The conference was a going on calmly, there was not much of a change in trade relations. Hebelone was near the sea, and relatively peaceful. It was not exactly a rich country like Keirland. But the people lived on in peace, thanks to the king who avoided all sorts of conflict.

After the initial announcements and discussions, the dignitaries began to engage in idle chat. The conversation of a couple of them went like this.

"His majesty is indeed lucky, to have the Keirish Prince. The future of his state is now secure."

"Then again Princess Nataliya is a beauty. "

"There was another daughter was there not, what was her name again?"

"You mean princess Samantha? Don't tell me you do not know?"

Their conversation was cut off by the sound of a commotion outside the door. The noise of a fight was heard outside the hall in which they had assembled. There was the sound of a man's scream, and as everyone grew alert, a guard came flying across the door and landed face down on the floor.

"Ah, the security here is lax as usual."

A woman in a pirate's attire was saying.

She was walking in and in came with her several guards trying to stop her.

As everyone gave a gasp, the king shouted at the guards to get out.

"But your majesty.." The guard who was protesting was stopped by some other guards, who pulled him back. They left quickly closing the door behind them. The Pirate was in all black, with black hair cropped to her shoulders, only her neck and face were bare and from her side hung a long sword in its sheath. She calmly climbed on to the conference table, and the dignitaries gasped again. She slowly walked towards the King and knelt down on the table right in front of him, bowed, and said, "Greetings your majesty!" By this time everyone present sat wide-mouthed. And the Prince looked on with great amusement.

The King smiled from the corners of his mouth and announced.

"I introduce to you all, our princess, Pirate Sam."

As the authorities blinked and rolled their eyes, the Princess stood up and made several bows to all of them, and sat back on the table, looking at the king, "How are you father?" she asked in a matter of fact way.

"Everything is going wonderfully well, especially thanks to our Prince here."

Pirate Sam looked to her left. There sat the handsome Prince with calm green eyes and golden hair illuminated in the morning sun.

"He is handsome I give you that," she said examining him closely.

The Prince who was suppressing a smile that had come with the scene that unfolded was a little taken aback when he found a sword suddenly directed against him. The Princess was holding it to his throat.

"I'll have to duel you to find out, whether you are fit for our kingdom and my sister," she said with a mocking smile.

Prince Edgar smiled back. "I'll look forward to it." he said.

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