1 Become a hero? Hell no! I'm gonna be the most selfish and evil villain!

It had been seven days since he opened his eyes in this new world, and the boy was finally starting to believe that this wasn't a dream, but was really happening.

He had transmigrated from Earth into a true world of cultivation!

Lying on the bed, the boy was already used to the name of the body he was transmigrated into. Bai Long.

While he wasn't a Chinese person on earth, he didn't have the slightest problem in adopting to his life in the new world. After all, he was a fan of reading wuxia and cultivation webnovels.

And so far from what he had learnt, he could confidently say that the original Bai Long, was an immature idiot who couldn't do a single thing properly.

In fact, if a cultivation novel was written with him in it, he would be the young master who would die first, and lead his family into death as well.

Luckily, that didn't happen, because after the original Bai Long died, a new soul entered his body, and took over.

Even though it had been a week, and he was used to his new surroundings, Bai Long still wasn't completely used to his body.

But, there was something very important he figured out. And that was regarding who the lucky bastard that obtained a cheat was.

It was his youngest brother, who was born to the concubine most loved by the king, Bai Yu.

The same one who beat him and almost killed him, because after his talents suddenly disappeared, and turned into a trash from a genius, the original Bai Long who was jealous decided to bully him.

Therefore when Bai Yu managed to regain his talents as expected, the first thing he did was to kick the previous Bai Long's ass and kill him.

When this happened Bai Long's mother who had a higher status as the queen complained to the king, and asked to punish Bai Yu with a death penalty.

Unfortunately, since Bai Yu's mother was his most favourite concubine, the king wasn't willing to do it. However, he couldn't ignore Bai Long's mother either.

And since the new Bai Long woke up and recovered very quickly, the king only ordered for 200 whiplashes as punishment.

Like that would do anything other than increase Bai Yu's desire for revenge in the future.

The new Bai Long wasn't an idiot, like the one who died. He even read so many novels, that he knew the longer Bai Yu was alive, the more his chances were of dying.

Therefore, he needed to kill Bai Yu as fast as possible, if he wanted to survive. And if he managed to take whatever it was that allowed Bai Yu to become special, his journey to the apex would be set as well.

Or, he could become the good brother who would support Bai Yu on the journey of greatness and remain an insignificant figure who would never get into any troubles.

The debate between these two didn't last even a single minute.

He was now in a lawless world, where he could do anything he wants to! Given that he has sufficient strength, he could satisfy all of the perverted desires he ever had. Starting from having an incest relationship with his beautiful new mother!

Thus, Bai Long decided to not become a hero, or a supporting character. Instead, he'd become a villain! A villain so evil and perverted, that all men would could only watch as he defiled every beautiful woman!

But first things first, he'd need to get rid of Bai Yu.

"Sorry brat, while I should thank you for killing the original and letting me enter this body, I have to do this."

Muttering a phrase of fake apology, Bai Long's face had a huge smile on it as he knocked on the door in front of him.

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