38 Dungeon of Greed [Part 2]

It was now the third day after Abbie and Alex entered the world of Edea to finish their tutorial. The two had set up their camp on the second floor of the Dungeon of Greed. The location they chose to have a break was one of the [Safe Zones] of the dungeon. Abbie was frying bacon and eggs for their breakfast, while Alex sat beside her.

They arrived on the second floor after a grueling day of fighting with the goblins. Alex's skill upgrade proved to be very effective and he was able to face off against two goblins at once. Although Abbie was not a hero, her martial expertise was too fast and too unpredictable for the goblins to intercept. With their teamwork, they managed to dispatch small teams of goblins without killing them.

Of course, it was not always smooth sailing. There were a few close calls, but the two managed to overcome the hardships together. Now, they had arrived on the second floor after exploring the first floor of the dungeon for two days.

Abbie was disappointed because they didn't find any treasure chests along the way. When it came to dungeons, treasure chests were the norm. At least, that was true when it came to RPG games that she had played in the past.

"Please prepare the plates, Alex," Abbie said as she turned the egg upside down. "Breakfast is almost ready."

"Understood, Master," Alex replied as he took the plates out of their shared inventory.

Abbie felt like they were on a camping trip and ate with a smile. Alex, on the other hand, savored his bacon and eggs slowly. It was the food that was cooked by his Master, so he was not in a hurry to finish them. He was like a small hamster nibbling the bacon. Abbie had to stop herself from laughing out loud because of her Little Hero's adorable expression.

"Does it taste that good?"

"It's delicious because Master was the one who cooked it."

"Awww," Abbie wasn't able to stop a sweet smile from appearing on her face. "Alex, you sure know how to make me happy. Do you want to eat more?"

Alex nodded his head in affirmation. "Yes!"


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Alice clicked her tongue as she watched Abbie and Alex's interaction from the simulation room. She felt envious and wished that she also came along with them to clear the tutorial. However, she couldn't do that.

Allowing Abbie and Alex to enter the world of Edea in advance already broke the rules. If Alice's father became aware of what she did, she would find herself in big trouble. The reason why Aiden and her were inside the simulation room was to immediately eject Abbie and Alex from Edea as soon as someone discovered their whereabouts.

"Don't worry," Aiden said in understanding. "It's only a few weeks until the gates open. We can accompany them in their adventures 'legally' when that happens."

Alice sighed. "I know. It's just frustrating that I can't be with my Alex on his first mission. Oh yeah, how long will it take you to clear this tutorial by yourself?"

"Less than an hour," Aiden replied with a smile.

"The difference between you and Alex is that vast?" Alice massaged her temple. "This is only a tutorial and they only managed to reach the second floor after two whole days. Will they be able to complete the simple missions that the higher-ups are going to put in the bulletin board?"

Aiden closed his eyes before giving a firm answer. "At this point in time, it would be impossible for them to clear the missions. Even the simplest one would require a two star hero at the very least."

"Then what should we do?" Alice asked. She did her best to hide the anxiousness in her heart, but since Aiden was her contracted hero, he was able to understand her emotions to a certain extent.

"Train him first," Aiden answered. "I know someone who can train him. However, that person is very strict. I'm not sure if Alex will survive her training."

Alice's gaze returned to the little boy who was happily eating the fried egg that Abbie had cooked for him. If anyone were to see him right now, they would just think that he was just a normal boy and not a hero. The blonde beauty felt that it was really a shame that Alex would have to avoid missions that were way above his current abilities.

"The next time you're in Edea, make sure to look for that person," Alice reminded Aiden who was seated beside her. "I pray that she's as good as you claim she is."

Aiden could only smile wryly at Alice's comment. The person he was referring to was someone who had been alive for thousands of years. A person who's very name made the kings and emperors in Edea bow their heads out of respect and fear.

The only reason why Aiden had a chance to ask her to teach Alex was because that person owed him a favor from thousands of years ago. She was the type to honor her debts and return favors. If she agreed to become Alex's mentor then the boy would definitely reach new heights.


Fro Fro was looking at his crystal ball with a frown. He was unable to see what was happening inside the safe zone of the dungeon. Since he was a creature born from the dungeon, he understood that it was a place that no monster, living or dead, may enter.

The Goblin Shaman had watched the progress of its two guests for the past two days. They already found the entrance to the second floor long ago, but they decided to explore every nook and cranny of the first floor. Fro Fro also heard Abbie mention the words "Where are the treasure chests?!" as she interrogated one of the goblins they fought along the way.

"So they are here for the treasure?" Fro Fro muttered as his lips curled up into a smirk. "With your meager abilities do you think you will be able to get this dungeon's treasure?"

The Hobgoblins by his side roared in laughter. They also watched Abbie and Alex deal with the goblins on the first floor. In their eyes, the two of them were too weak to be considered threats.

If not for Fro Fro's command to wait for them until they reach the third floor, they would have already descended to the second floor and dealt with them. Since the Lord of the Dungeon had spoken, they had no choice but to obey. All of them were waiting in anticipation for Abbie and Alex to reach the floor they were on.

"Hurry up and come, my dear guests," Fro Fro said with a smile. "I'll give you a very warm welcome. One that you will never forget."

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