The Peerless Female Knight Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Peerless Female Knight


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When the emotionless Sera Cartesius decides to Leave her life of Solitude, She finds out that she is not an ordinary human but an Esper which are the most feared, respected magical beings in the human race. When she learns of the tragedy that befell her upon her parents from her uncle. And after learning that her deseased mother was also an Esper, she decides to enroll into the Prestigious Academy: Corax Academy with the intention of seeking vengence for her mother. When she meets the the fox-like boy Ephiel Von Gralian, she experiences emotions she has never experienced before. Little by little he melt her ice-cold heart. Sera is stuck with a desicion whether to abandon Ephiel and his love for her in the name of revenge or the bury it all in the name of love.


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