The Path To Infinity, Enter Zero Book

novel - Fantasy

The Path To Infinity, Enter Zero


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Living in this twisted world where power reigned Supreme. Ali sets on a journey along with his trusty sidekick to become the most amazing man in the multiverse. "I shall conquer the seventeen oceans and thirty one Earths with my fabulous looks and steaming charisma." In this brand new world where monsters roamed the Earth and people flew in the sky, Ali found himself to be one of the Keepers of Magnia and is hunted down by Reapers to take the mystic marble famed to hold immeasurable secrets. He discovers a system that provides him with immense perks, like a dating app and a toilet paper warmer. He shall never have to use cold toilet paper ever again. With his scheming nature and overwhelming strength, he climbs the ranks to greatness one by one. As the paths diverge in front of him, he chooses his destiny for himself and aims to doublecross his fate. "You're the Demon King?" "Who runs this sect? This is the income tax department!" "I don't know and I don't care why I don't know. I just don't know." "What kind of beast are you?" "It is I, the Divine Emperor of Celestial Magnificence. Bow down to me lowly mortal!" "Shut that little beak of yours or I'm cutting your pocket money." He is determined to reach glory as even time-space holds no meaning against him. From an unlucky Orphan to the most amazing person in the whole multiverse. The path to infinity, Enter Zero.


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