The Path to Industrialization Book

novel - Fantasy

The Path to Industrialization


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Henry always thought something was missing in his life. He loved his family and had an above-average salary as an engineer that gave him some meaningfulness, but the problem was that he was never entirely happy. He never felt like anything challenge for him anymore. Then, one seemingly ordinary afternoon, an opportunity was forcefully given to him, in the form of reincarnation. He was born into another world, but not one of magic and easy quests. No, it was a place of primitive technologies and low life expectancies that made anything a challenge. Unlike most people, though. This world was an adventure that Henry had always craved. He never liked any of those simple magic systems that needed no intelligence to master. No, he wanted to be like the first pioneers that built the steam engine and flew the first plane. Luckily, now it may be possible with the help of his system. A system that seemingly just appeared in his head when he reincarnated. Follow Henry on this strange quest filled with danger and hardship. A journey to industrialize this primitive medieval world and develop modern civilization.