1 Chapter 1 Sarah Is Boy Crazy!

"Sarah, you are going to late for your classes if you keep sleeping in everyday!!

"Mom! Why didn't you wake me up earlier? Now I'm going to be late for sight seeing!!

"Sight seeing?? Sarah's mom, Precious asked her. She shook her head at how fast Sarah stuffed bread into her mouth.

"Don't choke, sip tea to let the bread slide down your throat easier Sarah".

Precious handed Sarah a cup of tea and patted the coughing Sarah's back. Sarah drank the hot tea faster than ever, as a result she scalded her tongue.

"Ah ah! My tongue, it burns!! Sarah quickly used milk to cool her burning tongue.

"Mom, stop laughing, it isn't funny!

Precious covered her smiling mouth which made Sarah pout.

"Okay, okay I'm sorry. What is that sight seeing you were talking about? Are you going for school trip?

"No mom, the sight seeing I'm talking about is checking out boys!! Lately, some new students has been joining our class and they are all hot boys! They feed food to my eyes everyday! I never get tired of seeing them".

"Oh, Sarah you should get yourself a boyfriend. You are too boy crazy, maybe you should even get married".

"Married? Mom, you must be kidding me! How can I get married now? I haven't enjoyed what I'm supposed to enjoy yet, I'm just a little girl Mom".

Sarah didn't notice that when she said that, Precious's eyes dimmed, her smile stiffened and her lips pressed.

"You really don't want to get married?

"Mom, of course I'll get married. But I'm still too young for that".

Precious laughed, her melodious laugh making Sarah smile.


"Mama, good morning. Good morning sis".

A boy walked down from the stairs with his messy curly hair. His cute face had drool all over, his chubby face cute like a dumpling.

"Tola, look at your face! You drool so much while you sleep, is your brother still sleeping?

Tola snorted. He lifted his chin and walked past Sarah, he didn't give her an answer but behaved like a bratty little brother which caused Precious to bonk his head.

"Tola! How many times have I told you that you must never ignore your sister! She is older than you, so you must respect her!

"Ow ow Mom!! She teased me! How come you never scold her?

"Say that again! Precious twisted Tola's ear, though it was not painful enough to make him cry out, he still did.

"Mom!! Big Sis, help me!

"Hmph! Now that would teach you never to disrespect me again!! Sarah said laughing at the crying expression on Tola's face.

"Big Sis!!!!

"Tola, you should learn not to offend Mom and Big Sis, you should know they are the only females in the family. You must learn to cherish them and protect them".

Another voice came from the stairs. A boy with the same face as Tola's walked down the stairs elegantly. He too had curly hair, the strands fell on his face. Unlike Tola's unkempt look, the other boy wore a clean school uniform. His hair combed back and his entire being neat and tidy. This is the twin brother of Tola, his name is Tona. He is the complete opposite of Tola.

"You see, Tona has a higher level of intelligence than you. He can see the bigger picture!

Tona moved closer to Precious and kissed her cheek. He did the same to Sarah.

" Did you sleep well baby bro??

"Hmm. What about you Big sis?

"I woke up to early! Oops! I'm gonna be late for my sight seeing, I have to go now!! Bye!

As she rushed out Sarah ruffled Tola and Tona's hair and kissed Precious's cheeks before she ran out.

Precious chuckled and pushed Tola to go have his bathe. After Tola left, Tona sat on the chair, with a solemn voice he asked Precious a question. Something that has been bothering her for a while now...

Somewhere Else....

"Jason, have you seen the person your grandma is talking about? She is just a first year university student! A teen! Well, almost a young adult".


"You are really going to marry her? Aren't you making a mistake? She is still a young girl!

"I have no choice in this matter too". Noah couldn't say anything anymore. His mouth was clamped shut, trust his friends to give short answers that goes directly to the point.

"Must you always do everything your parents asks you to do? There are dozens of ladies lining up just to get married to you! They are more matured, fairer and curvier than that little girl, how can you choose her over them! Are you dumb??

Jason only stared at his friends without saying anything. His stare only made Noah embarrassed.

" Why are you looking at me like that? Do o have something on my face? Noah lifted his hands to scratch his face but didn't find any bump or anything.

After a minute of looking at each other, Jason removed his gaze and started typing furiously on his laptop. That sound whenever made always told Noah that he wasn't welcome to talk anymore.

"Whatever! You do want you want to do, when you come crying that the girl is a stupid and uninteresting one, I won't give you any advice!

Noah never knew that he would be the one who would bite his words later.

With Sarah

Sarah ran from her small house to the bus stop. She panted as she ran, sweat dropped from her temples into her shirt. People stared at the cute and sweaty first year student as she tried to catch the bus early.

As she ran, the people that knew her shouted her name to greet her, she couldn't stop to greet them back but she waved back.

Sarah Black, an African American who just became a nineteen year old young adult. Her mother is a Nigerian while her Father is an American.