The Paladin Order Reformed
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The Paladin Order Reformed


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What is The Paladin Order Reformed

The Paladin Order Reformed is a popular web novel written by the author Supersam362, covering MONSTERS, GAME SYSTEM, PALADIN, TEMPLAR, SYSTEM, CRUSADE, FANTASY, ROMANCE, ACTION, ADVENTURE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 78.6K readers with an average rating of 4.78/5 and 41 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 47 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Christian is an orphan raised from birth by the Paladin Order. He trains hard to become someone worthy of wearing the title "Paladin Knight". He becomes exceptionally strong and quickly rises through the ranks of the Order. But after slaying countless demons, beastmen, and others, he becomes emotionally numb to cope with the countless lives he's taken. This is until he saves a beast girl from the sword of his comrade. He's then forced to choose between her life and his place in the Order. (I do not own any artwork used in this book, all credit goes to it's respected artist)

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The relationship of master and disciple between Christian and Richard is seriously something amazing I really don't want it to fall apart because of that Manson. The world building is seriously amazing. There is literally no plot holes by far as everything makes sense especially the magic system, the magic system is really complex and makes a lot of sense, it's like an entire science on its own. Definitely waiting for any new chapters


A very good book and has good updates. The story progress is very good and has a lot of scopes to write more and progression. It is better than a lot of novels. So try it out and read it.


Reveal spoiler


Overall, great job! Writing Quality (4/5): There's a bit too much of telling instead of showing for me, since the world background and such are established largely through narration in the first chapter, making it a bit hard for me to really immediately immerse myself. Also, there are some issues with comma splicing as well as using commas instead of semicolons. Stability of Updates (5/5): Not much to be said. Story Development (4.5/5 --> rounded to 5/5): The 0.5 was docked from writing quality instead and factored into there. As I mentioned before, a lot of initial exposition is directly stated instead of gradually revealed. I did, however, notice that things later took a different turn. Character Design (5/5): Seems generally well thought out. World Background (4.5/5 --> Rounded up to 5/5): Although I was a bit hesitant initially, descriptions from later chapters did convince me otherwise! Overall, great job! I'm not super familiar with the background, so I probably didn't pick up on a lot of important details, but I could still appreciate the thought you put into it!


First few chapters are a bulidup so you wont se a lot of action thare but its world building is expertly written and arguably better than 95% of other novels on this site other way this novel sets apart are the descriptions that paint a vivid picture only thing that can use some improvemant is the combat but the author is steadily improving in that regard so this novel will just gett better and better


This is one captivating book. It was able to grab my attention right from the start, and the plot is very interesting. The world background is described thoroughly giving me an easier time to imagine all the scenarios taking place. All in all, I give this book a five out of five!!! Keep up the good work author!


Writing quality, check! Stability of updates, check!! Character design, check!!! Story development, check!!!! World background, check....!!!!!! You get a solid 5 starts from me. Your synopsis is good. Your writing quality is on point.. No grammatical error. Your book flowed well, nice plot line. Love how you described in the book. Particularly like Sir Richard, the details are good. Now the is I have, some of your paragraphs are long, try shortening it.. And some chapters are really long... For me, it made me lose hope... Make the chapters not so very long pls. Oh and the novel is a nice change... Paladin order... Has knights and different from ur normal cultivation story a bit.. Nice twists author. Keep it up.


With just a few chapters, the author has already made himself a vivid world and engaging characters. It's amazing that with each chapter, you're already longing for the next ones. Personally, first person narratives are something I often do not read... this time however, I was entranced with Chriatian's point of view. It was easy to emphatize with him and enjoy his quips and quirks. He pulled the reader eagerly along through histories of the world and the magic system itself. Sir Richard is quite amazing as well! You know it can get boring learning of history, but the author has made it possible to absorb the information with ease along with the magic system. And man, that magic system is impressive and can almost be grounded with sense and science!


The writing style is amazing, as well as its concept. It reminds me a lot of Blue Exorcist’s Knights of the True Cross. Grammar is good also, and Christian is an interesting character. Definitely a must-read.


Nice introduction and good story concept. Love the way you describe the MC day-to-day basis. It gives me a clear image of how he can be that dedicated and then lead to him being good in battle. The writing has some minor grammatical error that could definitely be solved with a proofread. Lastly, do pay attention to the text since in some part, the paragraph is rather too dense thus isn’t easy in the eyes! Keep up the good work author!


Reveal spoiler


Although there are only two chapters for now, I believe that this story has a great potential. The author has interesting ideas that piqued my interest. Keep your creativity running wild, dear author! Good luck! Don't stop writing! 😊 About the technicalities, I don't really have much to say about your style of writing. Just please do proofread your work so readers would not get confused. Also, one more thing... You can search up other ways to do the dialogue part to add a variety to it.


It has a good start but i love the plot since im a big fan of 'Medieval theme' even it only had 2 chapters its really good the writing also need to be improved but the plot is good enough to make you think that this story is worth to read and worth to wait.


Promising start. Grammar has minimal errors which doesn't detrct from the reading experience. Writing style is consistent. Prose is good and dialogue feels natural. Might want to merge the chapters to just one volume though. Keep on writing👍


This is a really good book, I would totally recommend someone else to read it. The book is professionally written I have never seen anything like it.


The story is well written and well paced, with obviously a lot of thought put into the world building of the story by the author.


I love the story. The pacing is smooth and the character designs are superb. I love how the author puts life into the characters, almost as if they were real people. There are little to none grammar mistakes or typos. The only problem I really have is the stability of updates, I wish I didn't have to wait so long for the next chapter to be released. However, I do realize that people have something called a life so I shouldn't complain much. You nice,keep going!


Good stuff right here! I haven't read everything yet, but what I did so far was really good, I will be coming back for more, that is one thing for sure


A full five marks! Good writing quality and good pacing. I especially love the mentor-student relationship the mc and richard have. A great read!


An amazing novel that we can look upon to. The story is still developing and still has a lot to offer as the story progress. But this is my initial rate to the author to show my support.


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