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The Overminds War Sytem


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The human race has spread across the galaxy, met many alien species and cultures, while many were peaceful there were even more who would like nothing more than to fight. And boy did they fight but in the end humanity held out longer and established an active space force meant to protect Earth and Earths assets. Many years later the parasites were discovered, a hive mind race of rapidly mutating necro-forms. Any planet where these freaks of nature end up only have a few weeks until its completely overrun and transformed. The many galactic federations eventually put their heads together and came up with a plan to beat back the infestation before it has a chance to take over a planet. Any that had been already infected had to be burned leaving nothing but a giant ball of molten material behind. Intro to Adrian a man in his late 20s signing away his life to join The Anti Parasite squad A group specially outfitted and trained to fight and decon' anything that had been infected. Its a grizzly world out there especially when you become your own enemy.


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