The Outlands
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The Outlands


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What is The Outlands

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The Outlands stand as twisting spires of stone and cracked earth under an emerald sky, warped by feral magic and scorched by searing sun. Emaciated creatures scurry through its gullies and across its plains, feeding off what meager tufts of grass they can find. At night the darkness comes to life, shadows churning from an ages old curse. Sin's Curse. A lone hunter stalks these plains. In his bones are memories of ages past. In his blood burns searing vengeance. His people cry out for revenge, for he is the last of their number. These are his lands, and he will claim his birthright.

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Ok, 3 chapters out now so time for a more serious review. Still not to sure what this novel is going to be about but the writing is good and alive, full not with infodumps and fillers but with sensations and emotions, it catches you and says `I am here and I´m not yet another generic story´. There´s no big infodumps but subtle hints in both content and chapter titles, very very nice. As said there´s only 3 chapters so far but if this continues it promises to be a very good read.


Very good updating. Nice story development Quality of the writing is good The characters are being developed in a good way World background is coming through


I can't read any more. It's constantly one torture or fatal wound after another, and now they have no meaning. The protagonists survive each time, miraculously or somehow, and then the next fantastical bloodletting begins. The intriguing parts of the world are completely lost in the long torture sessions or deadly fights. Otherwise well written, but I'm out.


So far what I have read is amazing the story really draws you in and holds you wanting the only problem is the chapters being out of order breaks the immersion and if you don't pay attention to the chapter names then you will get lost quickly


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At least there is an attempt at being original, that's miles better than the other novels I've seen here so far. However, the biggest setback is that the author doesn't seem to get that over describing things drags their story down. It makes the chapters tedious to read and the style of the sentences (the length, the formatting of the verb and subject, etc) makes it choppy and not flow. I personally feel that it would be a better story if the author could just cut down a little descriptions. E.g.: "Eyes narrowing, hackles raised, he howled, letting loose a guttural cry" -- even a single one of those would've been enough for us to understand what the author intended, but so many just seems like its bashing us over the head with the imagery.


Kind of boring.


keep on going %say hi~(ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡thanks for the first time in the world of my favorite part about this and you know how much do they know how I got the wrong people followed by you are so much more of this country has ever seen on my own business


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