The Other World I Created R Book

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The Other World I Created R


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A normal weeb with creative mind was thinking: "how would i create another world, id make it as realistic as medieval times as i can think of". By chance a God ,that was traveling through out time space and other worlds in search for inspiration, was reading the minds of the mortals. After searching various realities It got inspiration enough to create a brand new world to guide. As thanks for the inspiration and congratulating their creativity, the God ofered the mortals, who helped him wothout knowing, to live a life in the world they created. And so the adventure of our MC begins. This is a reboot of the original series that I abandoned, I rebooted it because I wasn't satisfied with the way I developed the plot and characters since I rushed the story. I also think that I learned a lot since then so I'm way more confident then before. This is a hobby of mine so it there wont be releases dates set. Ill try to do at least two chapters a month tho so thank you for reading


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