1 Chapter of how i die

The day was a nice day Tuesday

on my Mother's Brith-Day I got out of school earlier tl get her a gift and i got here a beatful necklace for here that cost over hundred dollar's plus tax's.When I was on my way home I ran into trouble there was a gang who bad things to people and they have two girl's in the back tied up.But when i tried to help them i got they seen me so i tried to fight but i wasn't strong enough to take one person down.When all this was happening there was monster's coming from there caves they never did that bc the sun would burb them to death.i was taken to the goblin dungento be killed with the other ladies i was useless felt helpless like a kid compare to the other Hunter's I was the weakest but when i heard a noise saying* do u want to become stronger do u want to fight the evile off then just fall asleep and let me take over dor a bit but.Five days latwr I woke up at a hospital and my Dad said that im not bein a Hunter anymore becase he thought i died.I got up and said Dad let me get a second chance i can do better i promise i want let anything happe to myself but when he said i'll trust what u said to me i was happy that my Dad trust me.My Mom was at work and the other ladies died by the goblin's.then when i went to do a quest there was a quest to slay goblins so i did that quest bc im a E Rank Huntet worst kf the worst thats my life.welcome to hell on a xold gray morning i went to this cave in the forest that the quest said to go it was ptich dark.Before i went inside i smelf blood and danger my guts told me it was dangerous to go inside but i went anyway.

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