1 Chapter 1

"No!" Oliver shouted as he watched in horror. The car with his family was tumbling off the bridge and into the water. As the car disappeared into the water, the boy with blond hair and bright green eyes was about to run and dive into the water, so he could die with his family, when he felt arms wrap around his blue jacket. Oliver looked up and saw his friend's foster mom holding his shoulders.

She looked down at him, the message in her eyes was clear, he was going to 'The Children's Orphanage of Love.'

Oliver snapped his eyes open. He was breathing fast. The memory of his family dying had turned into a nightmare! "Will the memory haunt me forever?" Oliver said his thought out loud.

It took Oliver a few minutes to realize he was on a bus to the orphanage. He looked around the bus, he thought he was the only kid on the bus, until he saw something at the back of the bus, it was another boy. He had light brown hair, blue eyes. He was wearing black jeans, just like Oliver. He was looking down at his red sweater. Even though it was against the rules of the bus to stand up, Oliver stood up.

"Hey there!" he shouted. The boy looked up, confusion clouded in his eyes.

"Hi! What's your name?" Oliver asked. But before the boy could answer, the bus came to a stop and Oliver fell on his back.

"That's what you get for breaking the bus rules kid!" the bus driver snapped.

"Hello. My name is Liam," Oliver looked up. The boy, whose name was Liam, was standing over him. Liam offered him his hand. Oliver accepted Liam's hand gladly.

"Thanks! My name is Oliver," he said once he was standing up.

"GET OUT OF HERE! I GOT WORK TO DO! GO!!!" The driver's voice startled him. Fast as he could, Oliver ran out of the bus, Liam was right behind him.

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