1 Chapter 1

'The most painful goodbyes are the ones that were never explained.'

It's been a year since mum had passed away.

I'm turning 16 next month, so not looking forward.

It was the last things I wrote in my diary before going to bed that afternoon.

l was irritated by something, it was wet and a bit cold. It was wetting my face. I opened my eyes and it was my dog Bonzo. I got him as a present from my mum (on my tenth birthday).

"Danny get up you're getting late for school" Suzie was calling me.

Oh wait, I forgot to say that she's my sister and she's the elderst. There are three of us. Rachael, who is older than me, and I'm the youngest. Suzie is running our mum's bakery. She has to run the business since she's the elderst. Rachael is in her last year in college. She's doing Marine Biologist. She got a scholarship from Harvard University, so it's just me, Suzie and Bonzo. Meanwhile I'm still in high school.

I got up, did my bed, pet Bonzo on the head and then I went to clean myself to get ready for school. I always wear baggy clothes to school because they're always comfy.

" Do you want me to drop you to school?" Suzie never gets tired of asking, every time. I was in a rush, trying to get ready that I didn't notice when she entered the room.

"No I can manage" I replied still adjusting my clothes.

"Are you sure, I can....."she asked in her concern tone as always.

"Yeap, I'm super sure; besides , riding the bus isn't a bad thing". I reasure her.

A loud engine was heard from outside. I kissed her on the chick and ran out for the bus.

"Good Morning, Mr James" I said to our bus driver.

"Good Morning, Daniella" he replied with a smile. This would be our daily routine.

I went to sit beside a red hair girl. She was Alexa and she was my best friend since sophomore year. She was pretty, stylish and energetic whereas I was quite the opposite. Despite our differences she was a kind soul. Even though she got a car, she always takes the bus with me.

Students were loitering around the car parking area. The bus parked in front of the school. We got off the bus, just to find that people were staring. Well not at us actually. They were looking at the three cars that just entered the school parking lot. The first car was a black Lamborghini Aventador roadster and is followed by two Ferrari. One was red and the other was black and yellow. They were the richest kid in the school. They can buy a state on the amount of money they have. Fun fact, they were football players and the first car that entered was driven by Jason Cullen. He was the football captain and the red car was Max Danford. While the black and yellow car belonged to Scott Hudson. Their parents were the biggest sponsor's of the school. Which technically made them feel like running the school and they did run the school. They have been breaking the school rules without being questioned by the board members of the school.

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