1 sun & moon

the love of two people fighting throw hate and jealously with little time left...

As Auther walks through the darkness he thinks about his life and other people disliking him, but he continues to walk the path of darkness for he has no choice but to...

he's sad he's miserable he's alone yet he still continues on with his life.

Auther is darkness

As April smiles and dances across and beautiful green grass she wonders were Toe is,"Toe is a pet bird but it's not just some ordinary bird this bird has the colours poured from the gods gives it the beauty of a rainbow.

April sees Toe in the distance coming closer but also sees the darkness getting closer up a head ."April was thought to run from the darkness but she grow the courage to go towards the darkness. April slowing walks towards the darkness as her light swallows the darkness she starts to see a boy, a boy she had never seen before with a big smile on her face she says.

April:hello there....who are you?

Auther: (lost with words because of her beauty) (scrambling in words he replys) I'... im Auther n..nice to meet you.

April: And I am April. why are you so down you should be happy and smile at life.

Auther: how is it possible you are near me, everything that I come across dies before my eyes(looks down to the grow with a sad face)

April:Well maybe because I'm immortal? I dont no, but I'm wondering why you aren't smiling everything and everyone i come across gets filled with joy and happiness.

Arther:(with fair of saying what he truly is he replys)b..because I am d..darkness.

Arthur has never touch anyone neither has he gotten close to anyone, he is afraid of killing them, with all this power Auther holds he could destroy 9 mountains with the touch of his hand but he refuses to use his power, he is so powerful that everything with in 15 yards dies and vanishes. but his heart is as pure as any other good person on Paradocc.

April:Well i am light , as you know noting can destroy light.

April has the power to destroy 18 moutains with the touch of her hand, twice as many as Auther can, her light beams 30 to 40 yards away and she has the power to make people smile and leave her with joy, she also has the power to bring life and to take life.

Auther:you are the first person in a millennium that I have seen and that hasn't died before my eyes,m..may I touch you??

April: With pleasuree Auther

Auther:(touches her face then pulls down in tears with the joy of feeling anothers face) you feel amazing, noting of how I imagined it would feel(auther sees a bird(Toe) coming towards them and with fear of killing the bird he runs)

April:nooo!! dont run his name is Toe!

Auther:I'm afraid I might kill him.

As toe gets closer he starts to die slowly

April:dont worrie I can bring him back to life,with my touch of life noting can stop it from killing Toe again.

April puts her hands on Toe and slowly brings Toe back to life.

April: see! go ahead touch him, dont worrie hes a kind bird.

Auther: he feels amazing I have never touched anything so beautiful before(with tears in his eyes)

April thought to herself has he really not touched a bird before why does everything die before him is he really darkness he seems like the kindest boy I know.

April:auther may I ask you something?


April: who gave you the power of darkness?

Auther: well my father was the king of darkness but after he died I gained his power out of will (with a sad face)how did you get your power??

April:well my mother was a goddess and so was my father but after they had me I received power thay wouldn't imagine existed, but after the great war my mother and father sadly passed away in war.