1 Fusion

Eser sat against the wall as he mercilessly got stomped and kicked by others. He didn't even bother to block or put up a fight he simply just laid their with an unmoved look on his face as if he could care less.

"I can't help but think about it but.." Eser thought calmly as if wasn't in a predicament, "There really are people who degrade and humiliate people like this for fun, huh."

As his eyes slowly opened he figured out immediately that they must have beaten him unconscious again, this is a problem that he had been putting up with for years so he learned to not dwell on it.

Barely being able stand up straight, he looked around he thought, "No teachers again, huh."

He didn't expect the teachers to show up though it wouldn't be the first time he notified them about the bullying, and sometimes even telling them the time and place only for them to never show up. Eser was a very intelligent young man, his only fault being his steadily weakening body. He wasn't always weak though, in fact he was quite strong for his age in junior high but after his mother died his condition seemed to have rooted from some type of emotional trauma, or so he thought anyways.

"I hate these people, why do I have to put up such humiliation every day." He thought.


Eser heard as a figure brushed against him. Turning out to be Deleah, one of few girls who Eser knew had a crush on him in junior high but know looks down on him like everybody else.

Eser was quite well known for his intellect and athleticism during junior high, it also helped that he was handsome. Many girls liked him and he even had a girlfriend, Sona. A girl he knew since childhood, but even Sona was was nowhere to be found now.

"I'm home" said Eser has he entered an obviously empty house.

Greeting him was a note he picked up and then went to his room to remove his dirty and bloodied clothes, all he had left on was his boxers and a ruby necklace around his neck.

This necklace wasn't special because it was left to him by someone or something like that, it was special because it was a part of him, he was born with latched to his heart the moment it was surgically removed he was miserable according to stories his mother told him so he would always have it with him.

He then opened the note, "From Dad, I'll be gone for a few weeks I left money in the account."

"Why can't he just say that he hates me instead of using such a roundabout way to avoid me, huh?" He said as a tear fell down his cheek.

He couldn't remember the last time he talked to his father, in fact he couldn't remember when he talked to anyone. He felt so suddenly overwhelmed.

"Why should I live like this," he said as he ripped the necklace off.

The ruby attached had a pointed edge so Eser with all his might jammed it in his wrist and the drew it across causing a deep gash.

This red ruby seemed to match the color of his blood perfectly, he thought as his consciousness faded.


[Initializing RE-Integration with host body]

The voice sounded rather pleasant Eser thought as his eyes were about shut.

[Fusion has begun]

[Due to host body living without particles for so long body has weakened and deteriorating has reached advanced stages]

[Body will now begin restoration]



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[Fusion has finished]

[Body has been restored]

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