The only one true God in a Lost universe Book

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The only one true God in a Lost universe


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Hi guys new writer here and this is my very first novel i hope you would like it. Im open in some advice and some critics. English is really not my strong language so hope you bare with it and please tell me if there's some wrong grammars and i will do my best to correct it. I really don't know if someone will support me or even like what im going to write hahaha well tis is just a do or die i guess. The youngest Major God fall in the scheme by four major God for his wisp that contain all his assence of the one of the rarest Reality Domain and creation Domain but instead got his wisp suck by the block whole and got propelled to an unknown universe, a lost universe with out a God. Then suddenly the wisp got pulled into an unknown location, it got pulled faster and faster and it arraive at a lavesh green world but it still didn't stop it still getting pulled by something or someone into the world until it came crashing into a young man mouth who was peiecefully sleeping then the wisp got suck inside the young man and fuse with him, every essence of the wish domain. THE DOMAIN OF MIND, DOMAIN OF DREAM, DOMAIN OF CREATION AND DOMAIN OF REALITY. This young man is Xander and he will the domain that just got fused with him for no reason to gain believers and their faith through an Online VR Game and be the only true God of this universe.


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