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The Only Delicacy


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A beautiful yet poker-faced 19-year-old girl strived to survive by facing each hurdle with confidence, perseverance, and diligence all in the hope to gain her mother's affection and approval. However, no matter what she did, her only beloved mother killed her through the help of her most trusted mentor, the head of the Assassin’s Guild. Left with no choice but to die, she reincarnated to another world where the term, “Woman,” did not exist. This time, she fully matured, made the most out of her second chance in life, and faced that world head-on, hiding her true gender and getting tangled up in men’s plays. COMMENTS: I'm still in the process of editing the entire book. Characters' thoughts and perspectives are slightly or significantly changed (especially the female lead). For every chapter, if there's a word, "Edited," right on the very top (not on the title but on the page), you are very welcome to read it. But if there's none, I suggest you don't because the content there is dragging with fewer conversations and more complicated narratives. But all in all, it's the same stuff and plot. You'll know when the entire book is edited once I post Chapter 64. Do take note that in Chapter 64, not all tags are present yet. They'll be present in future chapters. And for those who already read the entire book, I suggest you read it again. You'll especially find a lot of things you haven't read yet which you are missing out on. A LOT. Thank you! :)


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