1 I wish I could change the world in my favour.

She was popular girl, loved by everyone at school whereas elena was often bullied by seniors and her classmates. She was everyone's favourite and was desired by every guy in her class whereas Elena was often disgusted by everyone. Elena was a simple introvert girl but she was the life of her school.. They both had a connection which was unknown for everyone for long time..

The only similarity they had were that they were the same person. Elena never liked this world, she was brought up in a joint family where their were no laughs, no memories, no happiness only fake smiles that too in front of guests only, fake respect and everything fake.. So she decided to make up her own world where she can be anything she ever wanted herself to be. So she used to close her eyes and be in an imaginary world where there were only happiness and no biasness..

Living in her own dreams was her only escape to reality. She was finally happy, because she never needed anyone for her happiness.. Her remote control of happiness was in her hands only.

That's the story for today. See you guys on the result day.