1 Chapter 1

Camilla pov

So I just graduated 8th grade now i am off to high school and its going to big and the fisrt thing i want to do is football well when my father went to school he he got his team to be the state champs and i want to do this team and my dad is always bussy and pay no attention to me he more proud of my 3 brothers that are already married and has children and there me just going to hisg school here we go. When I walk up to the school there was all the trophy and there was my dad's state champ trophy and i was awesome and then a teacher was behind me and said that is Tom Livingston state trophy for football he was awesome student too that when i trun around and the teacher look at me and said you are his daughter and you must be Camilla and I said yes I want to make my father proud of me and join the football team and be the next state champ trophy and that when the teacher said then come with me i follow him to the gym were there was a lot of boys and they said hey coach what is this girl doing here the teacher that was the coach said this is Tom Livingston daughter and she wants to join the team what do you guys think. All of the guys just started laughteing and said she is a girl that when i walk up to the smartass and this guy was big and pick him up and said what do you think now. All of the guys on the team were just all shock and with there mouth open and the coach said ok we know that your strong but can you throw a football like your old man i said pass me a football and this one guy tost to me and I said let do a shotgun pass and I said 1 2 3 hike when I said the pass the ball back then I saw the guy open I throw it as hard as i can and it was the oerfect pass and the coach was shock and walk up to me and shook my hand and said welcome to the team your are the new quarteback.

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