2 Bloodline

The bloodline of these great beings would be eventually passed down and slowly it would seem as if they all disappeared from the world, for they became something people would call a fairytale. Of course they passed down their power and bloodline "but to whom" is what all the beings in the world thought, they eventually came to a conclusion that the sacred dynasty of these godly beings was dead but some argued that was impossible. So this is where we come to a bustling city and a castle that sits behind this bustling city filled with rich looking men and women and of course with the rich follows the poor and this city was the royal capital of Chakria, in this city full of poor and rich we come to see a young man that looks to be around 20 years old with reasonably white long hair and red eyes with fox like pupils, his skin was whiter than snow and he was wearing a something like a trench coat over a white shirt with a lose tie and black pants and black gloves. He seemed to be eating some chicken and he seems to be enjoying it. "Ahhh, what a nice day it is" said Nezo with a cat like happy face still nibbling on his chicken