1 The one story

This is one story. Not a long one, and not a short one. Its a story. One. I don't have many stories. no. But this one isn't a bad one. I'm not just putting you into the story because I can't do that. Sadly I wish I could. But this isn't a movie. Its a story of life. Real life in this matter. And it isn't my life or someone else's life. No, its something else's. Its the grasses story. I know you probably weren't expecting grass, and I'm sorry. Please just listen though. This isn't about how grass was seen by others or what grass has been through. It's about what the grass feels. One peace of grass. I could tell you in a story was, but I want to say it in a poem. Here I go.

No one can relate and no should.

this grass peace was the favorite of the. heighborhood.

No one knew this peace of grass,

but everyday it watched others pass

No on said hi and no one cared.

can believe they would do that to a poor loving care.

Don't they love them, clearly not.

I ain't talk about grass I'm. talking about. a lot.

A lot is a lot to give and that is great

But don't go killing others day.

I told you i can't write. Is that ok? hopefully you realize. I'm sharing something to you that you never knew existed. That just the world we live in sadly. This grass is still out there somewhere, Everywhere. But yet no one ever will find it. It's not that we don't look it's just that we always see them. But never ever think of them...