2 The Day I Left My Own Home

I saw the familiar face of a woman passed me. I held her hand, she was shocked because of the sudden interaction.

When I finally saw her face, it was not her. "Sorry, I thought you were someone else," I said with a sense of embarrassment. She was not the girl in my dreams.

"You still can't stop thinking of the girl in your dreams huh?" Augustine said to me. "Let's go somewhere else after we finish at the mall." He added in addition to what he said." I agreed

As we walked, I was spacing out, I didn't even hear my conversation with Augustine. Minutes passed and here we are at the mall. I asked him if I can visit the bookstore. He agreed, and he said that we will meet later.

When I walked towards the bookstore, I'm still dumbfounded with what happened earlier. "What was I doing, she clearly doesn't exist. Why would I even think that a girl that I simply saw in my dreams is real?" As I enter the bookstore, I did some research about it.

As I expected, logically it does not exist but there are some circumstances that it happened. My mind was filled with thoughts and I was confused if I will believe it or not.

Augustine then arrived in the bookstore. He looked for me inside and then he saw me in the fantasy section of the bookstore. In there he said to me "Why don't you tell me again what happened in your dream, in full detail."

So I agreed and started to tell him about my dream. " I saw a girl whose smile is so warm and her beauty might even beat the goddess of beauty. In there, I saw her laughing with someone but the feeling I had is as if I was the one she was with. It was so vivid that I don't know if its real or not."

"Xavier, What your feeling is just your sense of wanting affection. It's because of the situation that made you think that your dream might be someone you know because you want to feel the warmth of her smile." What Augustine told me made me realize that it might really be just my imagination.

"Maybe, you're right," I said in reply. As we leave the bookstore, what he said remained in my mind. And I'm now getting ready to return to the house of devils. In my walk, I still think of what he said and I started to accept the fact that it is only my want of affection that made the dream so realistic.

As I arrive at the house of devils, the same situation, still the same arguments. And here I am still tired of listening to their quarrel. When I entered the door, there come my half brothers. And an unexpected attack came to my face. I didn't know what it was for.

But I didn't react. But what they said to me made me lose my cool.

"Go to hell" John, my half brother yelled to me. I tried so hard to chill out but I cannot stop my anger. I punched him and destroyed his face at the same time I was cursing him. But my other half brother intervened and punched me. I can see blood in my eyes. He said to me in disgust "You are just the trash made by our father. You, existing is worse than a rat."

As they looked at me disgust, many thoughts flowed in my head. "What did I do wrong to deserve this kind of treatment, I tried very hard to hide my anger and when I finally lose my cool the blame is still pressed on me. You know what, its not me who should go to hell. It's all of you."

I hurried to my room and packed all my things. As soon as I finish I hurried down the stairs. In there I saw my stupid half brother whose face I destroyed lying cowardly on the floor beside my other brother.

As I reached the door, I looked at them with disgust and said "You are no longer my family."

As I wander in the streets. I imagined the face of the girl in my mind. I told to myself "Why do I still think of you in this kind of situation I'm in. Why does your smile make me feel okay even though here I am covered in blood, why do I feel safe even though I clearly know that you don't exist? As I cry in my walk. Augustine found me sitting on a bench near the highway.

"What happened to your face?" He asked me.

"I had a fight at the house of demons, I left the family and the house," I told him.

"Come with me, just live in my house." He said to me.

"No brother, Don't mind me. I'll try to make things work somehow." I replied.

"I consider you my family and I don't let my family suffer. Come with me. I have a bottle of beer at my house." He said to me with excitement.

"You really know how to make me come, Thanks, Brother," I replied with teary eyes.

As we enter his house. He told me to wait on the couch. I was amazed at how amazing his house is. I also have a big house but this house is the same size but the aura is different from my house.

"You have a nice house brother, I don't feel any demons here," I said to him

"Haha, stop making me laugh."

As he walks toward the couch I can see the bottle of beer in his hands. He then gave it to me then we drank.

"What happened in there, why did you leave the family?" He asked

"I cannot take it anymore, you know that I was able to hide my anger because of you. But I've reached my limits and its time I fought for myself. They even yelled at me and said "Go to hell"

"You had a long day, you should probably go to sleep. Wait for me here I'll escort you to your room" He said in reply.

"Yeah, I'll just finish this bottle," I said in reply.

After he escorted me to my room. I was shocked at how clean it is. I felt safe here.

"Have a nice sleep, don't think too much" He said to me as I enter the room.

"Yeah, thanks brother"

As soon as he left the room, I showered for a bit then rest. As I close my eyes to sleep I saw her again in my dream. As my dream goes on. I saw the girl in my dream and the one she's having a conversation with. I was shocked at what she told the guy. She called her Xav... And then I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night.

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