40 Justice has been Served

I guess it's time. The day has already been set, every drawback I experienced will finally be solved. For the first time in those three years that had passed, now I have something to be proud of. Hope that the trials that will take place should be looked upon with fairness. And should be decided based on the law itself. The weight of evidence ought to be preeminent than the power and wealth of the people.

Three years ago, the same vision Xavier had on what justice means still remains. Those who yield the law use it as a sword to assault people that were victims rather than be the shield that protects those below it. If we met and I asked you a question? What do you think is the most fearsome, the law itself or the one holding power? Although I hope that you have observed your surroundings and only found the answer.

However, if Xavier was the one in my place right now? Would the pain in his past be comforted with what I have done? Would the tenderhearted warm-natured man still return? Well, it's only a matter of time till he regains consciousness and if that day happens. It would be one of my pleasures to disappear knowing that I helped the poor child regain the reason to live a new life.

"To all inmates in duty, please proceed to your stations and start working."

I wasn't aware that it has already been seven in the morning.

"Hey, kid. Come with me for a second," Old man Takahashi approached me at the cell, requesting me to follow him.

-At the watchtower-

"Hey, kid. The trials should take place today and for the next months or even years. So what was the decision of the warden? Were you able to persuade him to be a witness? Because I assure you that without him, there's no point in what you are doing," Old man Takahashi cut to the chase, questioning the progress.

"There is nothing left for me to do. I have left the decision all in the hands of the warden. Whether he accepts or not, it is his own will and does not hurt me. Although I have a good feeling that the warden wouldn't let innocent people suffer because of injustice? Plus, pretty sure that you already know what would be the decision of the warden," my response to Old man Takahashi's question.

"After all those years, you are starting to act more like Xavier, kid. Like what you have stated, your warden and I are friends, that's why I wanted to notify you of something that he wanted to tell you. That man wished to thank you for being the person who pushed him again to move forward. Because of you, the fear that he once thought couldn't be rid of. And as my payment for your kindness and bravery, I accept your request to be one of the witnesses. And don't fret because I'll achieve the liberty of the people who were wrongfully accused of Mazuko's sins," Old man Takahashi rained me down with lots of compliments and also passed on the warden's words of affirmation.

"By the way, do you want to watch the trials or not? Because I can help you if you want," Old man Takahashi asked and offered his assistance.

"There's no need for that. Because I trust that justice will finally be served rightfully and truthfully," my response to Old man Takahashi's offer.

"Well, if that's the case, I think you should pay them a visit. Who knows when or who will be the one to leave first?" Because of what Old Man Takahashi stated. Slowly, I realized that it wouldn't be that long to be left all alone again.

However, I don't want any feelings to be attached, so starting today. I'll start to avoid everyone inside Utopia and pretend that everything that happened was all just an illusion. No matter how hard it may be for me, that place felt like a home for a person like me. Although the truth still remains, I'm just another personality without its own shell.

Day by day, months after months, year after year, the once filled with people slowly became an abandoned part of the prison. And within that two months, I have endured the desire to pay everyone a visit to Utopia. And the only one that remains is Abe, the founder of Utopia.

From afar, I only observed how everything ended up after I left. And it was fairly satisfying because everyone achieved their freedom. The final trial will be held today, and that trial is meant for Abe. For my last visit to the Utopia, Abe saw me and chased after me. He called my name and yelled.

"Hey, Let's have our last conversation with each other, please,"

Although I may hate it, I looked back and responded to his call.

"What's more for us to talk about? I have fulfilled my promise, therefore, there is nothing left for both of us to tackle. It's been years, three years to be exact, and finally, everything will be back to the way it was before. What's this term I often hear from the others, a lone wolf," my response to his call then went on my way.

However, before I left, his final words were...

"Thank you for everything because all that we have right now is all because of you. Everyone will always be indebted to you. Mark my words because we will all return the favor somehow. I just wish you good luck and always be careful here."

Tears slowly fell from my eyes because of what he stated. Yes, I am delighted to see that everything that we worked for after those three years was all paid off. They became my family, and the only person to understand me was Abe. Even Though he knew about Xavier's condition, he acted professionally and didn't think of me unpleasantly.

Hours later, after our final encounter, Old Man Takahashi informed me about the last trial. And thankfully, Abe won the final trial and will finally be free again from all the suffering. And that didn't end there, Old Man Takahashi also told me that Abe was pardoned by the President of Japan and was able to be relieved from all of his legal consequences and be free from his records inside the prison.

Plus, the punishment that Mazuko will be facing will be the death penalty. However, pretty much sure that he'll be able to escape that verdict because of his connections, but that's the least of my concerns now. Everything is now peaceful here in the prison, after the news about the numerous inmates being released. Some wondered what on Earth happened. And some were rejoiced to hear that Daku Mazuko will finally leave the prison.

Everything in this place became peaceful because of the stated reasons. And those who followed Mazuko in the past now suffer an additional number of years added in their sentence. I can't help but pity them because some of them were nice but couldn't afford to resist Mazuko's orders. Well, the saying goes if you can't fight for yourself don't expect to be protected by others.

Currently, the date is January 4, 2023, and only six months and twenty-five left till Xavier's day of birth. After six years, in a total of staying here in the prison, every birthday he had wasn't celebrated because of the current situation. And within those six years, he is still missing in action.

No matter what I do nor every approach can't seem to reach him. There's nothing left for me to do, so probably I'm just a ticking time bomb that might explode any minute now.

-6 Months and 25 Days had passed-

"Hey, kid. Wake up, it's your birthday. Although basically, it is Xavier's birthday, you're the one currently present, so it's normal that you celebrate it for him. Hurry, I have a surprise for you," Old Man Takahashi was so loud that he was able to wake me up with just the sound of his voice.

"Still early in the morning, and you're already being loud. Can't that wait for later? I still want to sleep more," my response to Old Man Takahashi but still a little drowsy because it was only five o'clock in the morning.

"Oh, is that right? Then later, after the morning alarm, head through my office, and I'll tell you what your surprise is. But before that, let me wish you and Xavier a happy birthday. Go rest for another couple of hours, but don't forget that you'll head to my office right away. This surprise would probably blow your mind into pieces, don't mind it's just an idiomatic expression," Old Man Takahashi can't really let me sleep in peace without leaving me with something to worry about.

"Yeah, I got it, just let me rest, please," After answering Old Man Takahashi's response, he then left, and I was able to rest for a couple of hours.

-2 Hours Later-

"All inmates in duty for the day, please proceed to the grounds for the morning assembly."

An announcement came from the broadcasting room to mark the starting of the day.

Well, I almost forgot that I was supposed to head towards Old Man Takahashi's place.

-At Old Man Takahashi's office-

Before entering, I knocked on the door because it's the proper etiquette. Whether you are close with someone, knocking on the door is still the most proper way of showing our gesture that we have a calm personality.

"Yah, Are you inside?" I called his name calmly because some of the guards might hear.

"Wait," he responded and told me to wait.

As he opened the door, he immediately drags me around and went to the visitation room. And on the other side were a lot of people singing the birthday greetings. When I looked to see who they were, it was them. The people who became a part of Utopia, Abe, and the others were all present. Didn't know what is happening, but as I see their faces, it's quite nostalgic to see them again, from people who were strangers, and now here we are.

"Is this the surprise you meant? Thank you so much," Slowly getting emotional that my voice starts to quiver.

"Actually, that's not the surprise but the surprise is this," Old Man Takahashi has shown me a piece of paper that looks like a contract and in there it says that I am being pardoned for my sins. And will have the freedom to leave the prison now.

"What does this paper mean?" I asked because I cannot understand what it meant.

"You're free now, kid. You deserve to be free after showing your righteous morals. The President of Japan noticed it and gave you his verdict," His response made me want to leap out of joy.

'Xavier, finally the time has come. You are free.'

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