The One above Gods Book

novel - Fantasy

The One above Gods


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Alan, a 14-year old boy and a transmigrator being beaten by the harshness of life decided to end his life as he didn't have any cheat like system or a Goldfinger or anything else. However, he didn't give up and decided to win this world by his cunningness , however, that cunningness brought him a combo of beating. This world was highly advanced compared to the previous world "A world with earth" he was in. And so, at last he decided to end his life at the top of mountain . But before he could execute the act , a sudden thought came to his mind " Why not take a last nap in this shitty world " and so he slept on top of Mountain. However, who would have known this "last" nap will bring him endless surprise instead of " The end". #new author, please mark my mistake. English is a new language for me Start- 7 August, 2021