The Omega prince Book

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The Omega prince


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Adrien who was a PURE BETA died and Found himself in different world with a different body who was a OMEGA not only that but a PRINCE?? But the person he possessed has a bad personality and a spoiled brat. How adrien who was a orphan and grow up hard-working person handle the situation? , but he doesn't like troublesome things. And not only that he met a prince from a different kingdom who was known as a Cold-blooded prince and a Dominant alpha. He didn't expect they will get along well but... womans who like the cold-blooded prince who heard about it put troublesome things to adrien. Is adrien gonna fight back or someone will?... (The Cover picture is not mine, Credits to the rightful owner) [Note:This is my first time writing and Sorry about my grammar errors, I'm not good at speaking english]


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