1 Chapter 1: Magick

We all heard of fairytales filled with magic and wonder, things where impossibility cannot exist. Children love to hear wonderous adventures and mysterious obstacles being toppled by the main character but, not us, not today, not now. In the year 2009, scientists and archeologists have discovered an artifact hidden beneath the Himalayan mountains. It was an orb-shaped container with a sigil that glows. The orb was found by Dr. Howard M. Phillips and Dr. Riva O. Innis and after 2 years of extensive research, they found out that the orb contains the genetic code of human's long lost power. They said that it can unlock an ability of a human being to do things that are impossible, in simpler terms, super powers and thus, they called it "Magick".

In the same year that the components of Magick was disclosed (2011) was also the same year that China went rouge and declared all out war against the west. To expand its resources and further keep the war on their side, China made alliances from neighboring countries in Asia namely; Japan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and many more. Those who did not side to the alliance were annihilated and extorted of their resources. The war was unreasonable and pointless, as missiles rocket up to the sky and like falling stars they explode, as bullets pass by every man not known to what cause, and as every soldier die for the Alliance, the surviving people kept asking why.


In 2018, after 7 years of bloodshed and clueless deaths, The once named Alliance now becomes Krishal. A totalitarian government in control of all nations. After the war, the research team who held Magick was pursued by the Krishal government. Dr. Howard M. Phillips and Dr. Riva O. Innis was captured and Magick is now in the hands of Krishal.

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In the year 2020, the world is at its knees to the Krishal. Everyone who opposed them were killed, poverty rose like piles of corpse and people with money and power grew billions off their wallets. There sprouted three royal families of the Krishal government who had rumors that they had used Magick to themselves. The Liang's, The Hanma's, and the Salem's. These royal families are all walking into the Krishal politics and heads of those under them.