1 New to Venny Vil

This was my first day in Venny Vil I was kind of scared if I was gonna have friends here. My dad pulled up to a nice and clean yellow house next to it was an old scary house but at least we didn't have to live there. I grabbed my little sister Lisa and went in the house.i started to look around and it was pretty nice.while I was walking up the stairs to see the place I saw an attic. I grabbed the stick and began to open it when.. my dad yelled "Nina come help".I quickly hid the stick and ran down stairs.My dad and me put the boxes in the living room and the workers did the rest.i was kind of excited because we would have school tomorrow to see if I would make any friends. But right now I have to pick my room I always picked the smallest one in the house since I didn't like big rooms that have giant closets.I picked the perfect room then I saw that it had a window facing back to the old house that was scary looking but I still keeped it because it was the perfect size. My little sister on the other hand picked the biggest one for her toys, dolls and her art work. And my dad picked the one with the office because he worked all the time. And about 6:00pm while I was making my bed I heard my dad lock the door. It was night check for me and my little sister for we could not be snopping around the house. I just ignored it since I was not the one that went out and it was my little sister even though she was small and she was smarter then me.When I was done I quickly jumped on my bed my back hurt cause of carrying so many boxes.After a while it got really really hot like I was sweating hot.I turned on the light and noticed that we didn't have AC in the room.Then I remembered that it was down stairs but the door was locked and if it was open I wouldn't go down there in the night.I just opened the window and went to sleep. In the middle of the night it was like 2:30am I woke up by steps going down the stairs.i couldn't do nothing about it since my door was locked but I also got scared.i turned on the light and noticed the was a box with a note and ribbon on it. I read the note and it said " Hi I brought you some cookies you left your door open(:" that smiley face at the end made me shiver. I looked to my left and saw that there was a note written on paper on the window of the Scary house.It said " your sister got pretty eyes that's sad I don't have any(;" I closed my window and locked it I also covered it with the curten.then thoughts came in my head "how did she get in here? wasn't the door locked? what if she took something?OMG IS MY SISTER OK?" I went to the door and it was open I just grabbed my trophy because it was the only thing that was closest to me.I ran to my sisters room yelling "DADDD WAKE UP!!!" my sisters door was also open I heard her yelling then I got inside.she looked at the door where I came from and I looked at her then she began to move her finger up to the door while tears were falling down her face and mine.I followed her finger with my eyes and saw the old lady standing there at the point of her finger. She ran to us and..AHHHH