The Oddity Among Preservers Book

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The Oddity Among Preservers


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Preservers. Protectors of the people, dedicated to defending them from those who may try to harm it. Grouped in teams and bestowed great power, these heroes represent the best of humanity. Or at least, that's what they should be. Kilian Stone is about to graduate Highschool and is at a low point in his life. His dreams of being a Preserver were crushed, and his desire to do good along with it. He intends on living a life without purpose, as if he isn't able to help people then what's left? He gets his first taste of what the true world of Preservers looks like after being an abandoned civilian of a monster attack. At deaths door, it had seemed he was going to die a nobody. Though, it would seem fate had more in store. An artifact reacts, granting him the power he wanted. The heroes who were meant to dish out justice have lost their way, and humans with monstrous mutations run rampant. Justice in its purist form has chosen Kilian as it's Preserver. With a direction to go in life, and the determination to see things through, will he prove to himself and the world he's meant to be a hero? What darkness lies deep in the hierarchy of Preservers? Can he root out the source of these monsters before they have their way? And was Kilian chosen at random, or does he have more he needs to learn about himself?


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