1 Cold awakening:

The blaring sound of alarms echoed through the lab, broken test tubes and beakers covered the surfaces; the liquid they held long since drained. The red flashing light revealed the corpses that littered the floor. The crimson covering the floor and walls darker than the light filling the room, the blood still drying as it cascaded down the walls and glass. Not a soul seemed to move within the lab, The only movement that happened was due to what seemed to be an incubator in the middle of the room, the liquid starting to drain out as the naked man inside slowly sank down to his knees. Once the liquid had flowed out of the incubator the man with snow hair opened his eyes with a look of panic, with repulsion and horror he pulled a long tube out of his throat, dry heaving as he resisted the urge to vomit as he threw the nutrient tube to the ground.

The confused man looked down another look of horror crossing over his face as he noticed that in place of his left hand was a basic robotic replacement, He let out a pained cry as he grabbed his head, memories flashing through his mind.

He had just turned twenty when the earth had started to go to hell. He remembered that a virus had struck the world and it had brought the world to a state of panic, and when people were starting to believe it had faded it was followed by a plague that erased half of the population. When humanity had started to rebuild scientists had found a new source of energy that seemed to be everywhere, they could not explain how but it seemed like it had always been there but had been dormant until something had caused it to be reawoken. This had been found after people started doing things only heard of in tales of witches and wizards and the stories of fantasy. It seemed that humanity would go far with this old reawoken gift, However while the remains of countries fought over the most powerful families they remained oblivious to the threat that had been hiding in the dark. When the population that had died in the plague started to get back up as shambling corpses the remaining forms of government started to panic, at first they fought the undead threat but after the razing half of europe, southern america and parts of asia the remaining powers untied together and looked skywards to their survival. People were put into stasis and loaded into ships the size of small countries. The remains of humanity scattered to the stars in hopes of finding new homes away from the ever hungering undead.

The only living man in the lab had been one of such people, His last memory being that of him setting up his ships AI and then putting himself into stasis. Yet many more memories appeared in his head, ones he knew did not belong to him. He tried to focus through the storm of senses yet he could not pull apart the memories of his to those that seemed to have been planted into his head. The overload of his senses made him flail, his metallic fist connecting and smashing the Glass window in the metal incubator. The loud sound of the shattering glass crashing into the floor brought the man back to his senses, the first thing that hit him was the smell of iron that seemed to fill the room, For the first time he looked into the room his tube had been in and noticed the horrific scene in front of him. He once again dry heaved as he fought the urge to be sick. Bodies that where maybe once human littered the room, Limbs scattered around and bloody pulp where there had been some part of some of the bodies. The man then noticed a weird sensation as a tail he had not had before raised as did a spare set of ears on top of his head, with a look of shock he gently felt the white bushy tail and almost jumped.

"What the fuck is that" he muttered in a broken voice, as he looked at the tail he definitely didnt have before.

He took a deep sigh which he regretted the instant the taste of copper entered his mouth. Then stood and walked out of his Tube, gently stepping to avoid the glass or blood on the floor. He turned to look at the place he had been altered and checked the display next to it, pressing a button causing a voice to appear from a hidden speaker.

"Project reclaimer subject one. We have spliced a fair bit of DNA into this one yet the one that seemed to take the most control was the weird pure white species that resembled a large wolf. Some of our team believe it evolved similar to the direwolves of our ancestral home but with extra features to make up for the harsher planet. The head of the project Dr. Walters decided it fitting to name him wolf"

The white haired man looked at the incubator tube he had been in and sighed. Due to the collusion of memories in his head he did not know which of the many names going through his head belonged to him, So he decided to take Wolf for now, no matter how unimaginative it is. His head pounded as the constant alarm rang through his four ears, His senses were overly sensitive compared to how they had been before. His eyes were drawn to the metal blast proof door that seemed to have been cut through as if it was made of butter. He looked around the room yet when he saw no other exit he knew that the door was his only choice, he just hoped he would at least find some clothes on the other side.

Death is what preceded him through the facility as he walked through, it looked like a tornado of blades had cut though the building cutting down any humans leaving only a bloody mess. Yet none of the technology seemed to have been destroyed. The only damage to the building other than the blood all over the floor, walls and sometimes the roof was the doors that had been destroyed. It looked like someone wanted to make sure there had been no survivors. What confused Wolf was why he was left alive if someone had purposefully killed each human outside the tube. His attention was caught by a reflective plane of metal used as part of the wall display. For the first time while being here wolf was able to see his own reflection and it shocked him. As much as he couldn't remember his past self properly he was pretty sure he didn't have snow white hair, or such icey blue eyes, and his skin looked as pale as vampires in the old stories.

His body itself was lean, shockingly so as he had been floating in a vat for god knows how long, yet he still seemed to be perfectly healthy, other than the missing arm that is.

He stepped back from the stranger in the mirror and saw a sign. Lab rooms 2-4 it read with an arrow pointing down a bloody corridor. With nothing else to do and unsure where to go Wolf just shrugged and walked down the new corridor, He stopped outside the door marked lab two.

In the middle of the dark room stood another tube, inside of which a naked man was floating. He had shoulder length black hair flowing behind him, a large pair of black feathered wings came out of his back and his skin was the tone of autumn leaves, he was also missing parts, this time however instead of one arm it was both his legs. Wolf walked up to the panel and once again started to play the audio log.

"Project reclaimer subject two. Again even after slicing multiple beasts into this one's DNA a certain creature seems to have become the dominant gene, this time the beast was an animal that was very similar to the corvids our ancestors were so interested by. The main difference being that the bird we used also had a weird ability to seemingly vanish from our sight, We found out that it was a special type of camouflage more advanced than any of the creatures we had found before. However the DNA for this subject seems to have reacted more violently than with Wolf. We are excited to see what this one can achieve. We hope that Raven does us well"

Wolf then looked at the control panel, before typing in some commands, somehow the password came to mind without a thought and he started the awakening process. Then like in his room the red light came on and an alarm started to sound, This time he saw why. On the console it read "This subject has not been control chipped. Are you sure you would like to continue?"

Anger surged through him as he realized not only had they been experimented on without consent but the scientists had planned to chip them and use them as slaves or even beasts. He ignored the warning and authorized the awakening, watching as the fluid started to drain from the tank. Within a minute the man was aware and Wolf winced as he watched the man pull the nurishment tube from his throat, Wolf knowing how unpleasant it had felt. Wolf then opened the hatch on the side of the incubator for the man. He could somehow sense that the man was feeling worried, annoyed and paranoid as he looked at Wolf.

"Who are you? And why are you naked, why am i naked, Wait why do I have wings!" The man said in rapid succession, in a language that Wolf was somehow able to understand as Iclandic instantly.

"I am Wolf, I think you are called Raven, I am a test subject here like yourself, They seem to have been testing DNA splicing here yet something seemed to have gone horribly wrong" He replied to Raven in Raven's native tongue.

"Ah your an english man, your accent gives you away" Raven replied to him "do you also have the killer headache?"

"Indeed it seems they have filled our head with more information than it can handle right now"

The two of them looked to the doorway and wondered what else they would find in this lab filled with the dead.

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