The Ocean Beneath Her FeetThe Ocean Beneath Her Feet

The Ocean Beneath Her Feet

by hansora

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Her: Throughout her life, she always felt like she was standing above the ocean. While nervously waiting for the ocean to swallow her whole, she still pushed herself to bravely dancing over the surface, enjoying her life. It was not until one day when she woke up, she realized she had lost a portion of her life. And then there was him. The one man who was patiently guiding her back to the shore even at the risk of drowning himself. "You know, I am jealous of my past self because she experienced the love you gave her. I want to remember my feelings but... it's only void in my mind. What should I do?" Him: He has closed off his heart since he knew even his closest person could throw him away. He thought her appearance was just a trivial addition in his life. Little did he expect she could crack open the hard shell covering his heart. For the first time, he chose to allow himself another chance to love and be loved by someone. But, he never thought to have his hope shattered once his existence was erased from her mind. Facing the new beginning, he vowed to make her be happier and loved. "No matter who you are, the past you or the one with me right now, I love every part of you. So, don't be afraid. I won't ever make you question your trust in me." ------------------------------------------------- This is my second book and it's another fluffy romance! Please support me by reading this on WebNovel ;) One chapter a day, estimated to be uploaded at 19:00 GM+8.

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